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Selling My Watch: A Customer Story

August 8, 2016 - Watch Articles

Unsure about how to sell your watch or what the process will be like? We caught up with Jon Nelson, who sold his luxury watch to WP Diamonds, and asked him about his selling experience.


Interview with Jon Nelson: “Selling My Watch was a positive experience”


Q. Why did you decide to sell your watch?

A. I knew I wanted to sell my watch when I realized that I just didn’t wear it anymore. Having bought it nearly 10 years ago, it simply wasn’t my style and did not fit into my day-to-day life.

It seemed such a waste seeing my Rolex Daytona sitting in my drawer when I could be putting the money towards a vacation, a car or even a new watch! The next thing to do was decide how to sell my watch and who to sell my watch to.


Q. So, how did you choose who to sell your watch to?

A. I live in Idaho where there aren’t many local expert watch buyers, so I thought it would be best to sell my watch online. I initially wanted to sell my watch on Craigslist.

But I had concerns as to how long it would take and, quite frankly, I just wanted a quick and hassle free solution. Without compromising how much I would be paid of course! So then I did my research.

There are a whole host of luxury watch buyers I could sell my watch to but I wasn’t going to sell to just anyone. After reading their online reviews, I chose WP Diamonds because of their A+ rating with the BBB, speed of service and payment and the fact that I didn’t need to travel anywhere for an appointment. I looked at the Google reviews of a few companies and some of them fake, but WP Diamonds’ seemed genuine and credible.

customer storyQ. What happened next?

A. I filled out their online form, including some photos of my watch. Shortly after I got a phone call with an initial price quote for my watch which I was happy with. They then sent me a prepaid shipping label to send my watch in for a final price.


Q. Did you have any concerns selling your watch?

A. Of course. I have never sold a watch before so when I got a quote for my watch I was worried about sending it through the mail for a final price. I think it’s normal to feel that way, but I spoke to Mark and he reassured me that my watch be sent by pre-paid, fully insured shipping (FedEx Priority Overnight), opened on camera and that I could track it every step of the way.

They also have a video explaining how to sell watches with WP Diamonds which was a great help. It outlined the process clearly and gave me peace of mind knowing and seeing exactly where my watch would be going.

I then felt confident sending my watch in for a final price. It was all completely seamless and I needn’t have had concerns, there’s a reason WP Diamonds has an A+ rating with the BBB: they are professional, reliable and trustworthy. I was allocated one representative who I worked with throughout the entire process and he really put me at ease.

sell my watch

 Q. How did you find the process?

A. Quick and easy. I filled in their online form on a Tuesday and was paid by Thursday morning. I could tell I was working with professionals, I was happy with the price and the service I received. I would definitely recommend selling to WP Diamonds to anyone holding on to pre-owned watches, jewelry or handbags that they no longer need.


 Q. Were you happy with the price you were paid?

A. Very. I was told that having the box and papers would add value to my watch, which came as a surprise. Luckily I still had those and sent them in along with my watch.

The final offer was more than I would have expected to receive and I had money in my account within 48 hours of filling out the online form. The combination of a good price and the speed of transaction made selling my watch a very positive experience.

If you are looking to sell your luxury watch, start by getting a free price quote from our watch experts. Simply click the button below and a customer representative will be in touch shortly.

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