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When to sell an Engagement Ring After Divorce

October 28, 2014 - Diamond Articles

WP Diamonds offers a pain-free service when you sell an engagement ring after or whilst your are going through a divorce. Typically the diamond ring no longer has the sentimental value that makes it worth keeping and you would prefer to spend the money tied up in what is usually a valuable asset.


Who gets to keep the engagement ring after divorce?

You may be wondering who the engagement ring belongs to after a separation. The reality is that it the law varies by state and by country. Many couples will discuss this privately and come to an agreement. But if in doubt and you are unable to reach an agreement, the best step is to seek legal advice from a qualified professional.


When to sell an engagement ring after divorce

During or after a divorce, you may find yourself wondering when to sell an engagement ring. If you think you may want to sell a diamond wedding ring or engagement ring, it is important to only sell when you feel ready to do so. Some people opt to sell the ring during their divorce while others opt to handle this after the divorce. There is no right or wrong time, it simply depends on your specific circumstances and when you feel comfortable to do so.

You should consider why you want to sell the diamond ring: is to put the past behind you or because you need to generate cash? Either way it is important to educate yourself about the value of the ring to set realistic price expectations. If you sell an engagement ring, diamond wedding ring or wedding band to a private individual, it may take time to find the right buyer and get the right amount of money for your asset and the process can be difficult. The fastest and simplest way to sell diamond rings is to specialist diamond buyers. Click the button below to receive your bespoke price quote.

Why sell an engagement ring after divorce

When you sell a diamond engagement ring it can be a positive emotional and financial experience that helps you move forward with your life:

  • Financial benefits of selling the ring: Keeping the ring in a vault or jewelry box may be impractical when you can make money selling it. A diamond ring that you no longer wear and is sat gathering dust in a drawer can be a great way to generate cash. Whether for divorce related costs or simply to put towards something you will use and love, the money raised from selling the ring can be used in a multitude of practical ways.
  • Emotional benefits of selling the engagement ring: Physical reminders of your last relationship can be painful. Selling the ring can feel like a good way to pro-actively move on from your past. Letting go of the past allows you to move on emotionally and start over.


How to sell an engagement ring

  1. Simply fill out our online form with information on your engagement ring
  2. Receive your bespoke price quote
  3. Schedule an appointment or send your ring in with our free and fully insured shipping
  4. Get paid


Our tips for selling your diamond engagement ring:

Work with the diamond experts: When selling an engagement or wedding diamond, you are dealing with a highly expensive and personal piece of jewelry, so you want to work with diamond specialists. We believe in providing a personalized and convenient experience and pair you with a dedicated client manager to answer all of your questions. Our team of GIA trained gemologists and designer jewelry experts have decades of industry experience and a thorough understanding of the second-hand diamond market.

Consider speed of service: Advertising your diamond ring and dealing with inquiries about it can be frustrating, stressful and time intensive. Often it takes time away from organizing your finances, looking for a job or dealing with other aspects of a recent divorce. You can find online advice at Divorcesupport.com and other websites that may assist you with concerns when you are going through a divorce. We understand that speed is an important factor and as such buy your jewelry outright. Sell discreetly online or in person in as little as 24 hours with our professional and trustworthy service.

Professional service: Unlike pawnbrokers or online auction sites, WP Diamonds was created in 2012 as the alternative to existing jewelry selling options. As a reputable A+ BBB rated buyer, we believe that selling valuable goods should be an enjoyable and professional experience with no haggling or low balling. As such we always put our best foot forward and provide our best price upfront. But don’t just take our word for it, our online reviews are testimony to our high-end, streamlined service. Our customer service and experience in the pre-owned diamond industry makes it easy and convenient to sell your diamond without aggravation.

Convenience: We provide honest price quotes and buy your ring directly, meaning that there is no lengthy sales process to navigate. Appointments are available in New York, the UK and Hong Kong. However we work with hundreds of customers from around the world on a daily basis with our free, fully insured shipping.

Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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