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How to Sell Tag Heuer Watches

March 9, 2018 - Watch Articles
Are you ready to sell your Tag Heuer watch but not sure how to start? Selling your Tag Heuer watch is now easier than ever thanks to an endless array of luxury watch buyers. However, reputable watch buyers who can provide you with honest and competitive prices are not as abundant.

Selling a Tag Heuer watch does not need to be stressful. Our guide will teach you how to prepare to sell Tag Heuer watches, find out how much it is worth and where you can get the best offer in four simple steps:


Step 1: Gather information on your Tag Heuer

Before you can start finding potential buyers, you need to collect information about your Tag Heuer watch. The following factors will affect the value of your timepiece:

  • Watch Model: Certain watch models are in higher demand than others, such as limited-edition watches or vintage pieces. The watch model should be listed on any watch paperwork that came with the piece as well as on the back of the case.
  • Age of the Watch: The age of your watch will influence its worth. A Tag Heuer Autavia watch from the 1960’s may be more valuable to collectors than a modern Autivia watch.
  • Condition of the watch: If your watch has not been regularly serviced, has damage or repair with parts from another brand, this will impact the price. Conversely, if you have kept your watch in good condition with regular servicing, your watch’s value will be stronger. The good news is that just because your watch has been damaged, this does not mean that you cannot still sell your Tag Heuer.
  • Box and papers: These are the original box and papers that your Tag Heuer came with when purchased. You can certainly sell Tag Heuers without box and papers, but having them will help demonstrate your watch’s authenticity and increase your final offer. Collectors prefer to buy watches, especially vintage timepieces, with their original box and papers in good condition.


Step 2: Compare Watch Buyers

There are an array of luxury watch buyers available to you. Below are the most popular options with their benefits and draw backs.

  • Pawnshops

PROS: A fast, local option that pays in cash.

CONS: Pawnbrokers are not luxury watch experts therefore they tend to make cautious price offers. Your watch will likely be undervalued and you could get a much higher price elsewhere.


  • Auction Houses

PROS: A traditional selling option for high value items that have watch experts on staff who can assess the value of your Tag Heuer.

CONS: You will need to wait for an auction to be held as well for your watch to sell, which could take weeks or months. If your watch does sell, the auction house will take a percentage of your earnings.


  • Online Ads

PROS: User-friendly websites such as Craigslist allow you to easily put your watch up for sale. You get to set your watch’s price and pick its buyer.

CONS: Without industry knowledge of the second-hand luxury watch market, it can be difficult to accurately price your watch. There is no guarantee when or if your watch will sell. You will need to be careful of scammers and ensure that you never share any personal information.


  • Online Auctions:

PROS: Auction websites like eBay let you set your own price for your watch and if your watch is bid on by enough people, the value of your timepiece will rise.

CONS: There is no guarantee that your watch will receive multiple bids that will raise its price. Similarly to selling through an online ad, there is no guarantee that your watch will sell and you will always need to be cautious of scammers.


  • Specialist Online Watch Buyers

PROS: When it comes to selling your Tag Heuer watch, your best option is to work with online expert watch buyers like WP Diamonds.  Our team of luxury watch experts can accurately value your watch based on the second-hand market.

As a global luxury buyer, we are able to make strong and honest offers. Our free and secure service has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers.

You can be paid in as little as 24 hours after completing our simple online form. Sell Tag watches online or via appointment.

how to sell tag heuer watches

CONS: Limited locations for in-person appointments. WP Diamonds offers appointments in New York, London, Birmingham (UK) and Hong Kong. You can also mail in your watch through our free, insured and overnight mailing service.


Step 3: Get a Price Quote

Selling your Tag Heuer watch, as well as any other luxury watches, loose diamonds and designer jewelry, with WP Diamonds is easy. Fill out our online form to get your price quote.


Step 4: Get a final price and get paid

We offer two convent methods for getting a final price for your watch:

  1. Schedule an appointment: We offer appointments at our modern and secure offices in New York, London, Birmingham (UK) and Hong Kong. Appointments typically last 30 minutes. You have the choice of receiving payment by check, wire or cash.

To schedule your appointment, click the button below.


  1. Mail-in your watch: You can mail-in your Tag Heuer watch from the convenience of your home through our free, fully insured and trackable mail service. Your watch will be opened on camera and we will notify you when it arrives. Once your watch is evaluated you can accept payment by bank transfer or check. If you do not accept our offer, we will mail your item back to you for free through our fully insured and trackable mailing service.

To learn how much your Tag Heuer watch is worth today, click the button below.

Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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