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Sell Reflection de Cartier Jewelry

August 8, 2019 - Jewelry Articles
Who isn’t guilty of holding onto jewelry they no longer wear? If you have Reflection de Cartier jewelry that has just been gathering dust in your jewelry box, there has never been a better time to turn your unwanted jewelry into cash. Keep reading to find out how you can sell Reflection de Cartier jewelry quickly and easily for the best price.

Get the answers to the following questions:


About Reflection de Cartier jewelry

Reflection de Cartier jewelry is one of the Maison’s most ornate and breath-taking collections. Each piece from this collection is adorned with multiple diamond cuts arranged in playful and geometric clusters. With its different diamond shapes and faceting techniques, Reflection de Cartier jewelry offers outstanding sparkle and flashes of light. Megan Markle, a known lover of Cartier, has been seen wearing an array of jewelry from this collection. On her wedding day, Markle wore a Reflection de Cartier bracelet crafted with over 10 carats of diamonds and valued at an outstanding $147,000.


Where to sell Reflection de Cartier jewelry

We have gathered a list of the most popular options for selling Cartier jewelry:

  • Pawnshops: Quick way to sell jewelry but notoriously low offers and not a high-end selling experience.
  • Auction Houses: Sells your jewelry on your behalf but is a slow selling process that can take months, with no guarantee of a sale. Auction houses will also take a percentage of your jewelry’s sale price.
  • Online Ads: While you get to create your own ad and list your jewelry at your ideal price, you could end up waiting months for serious buyers and once again there is no guarantee of a sale. Beware of online scammers.
  • WP Diamonds: Established in 2012, WP Diamonds is a leading online buyer dedicated to making selling luxury jewelry easy, fast and hassle-free. Our team of luxury jewelry experts have decades of industry experience and are committed to getting clients the highest offers for their Cartier jewelry.

Reflection de Cartier Jewelry

With a free, safe and transparent service, WP Diamonds takes the stress out of selling high value items. Our commitment to providing a high-end selling process is reflected in our A+ rating with the BBB and hundreds of outstanding customer reviews.


How to sell Reflection de Cartier jewelry

  1. To begin selling your Reflection de Cartier jewelry, simply fill out our online form.
  2. Your dedicated client manager will be in touch with a price quote.
  3. To get a final offer, either schedule an appointment at one of our offices or send in your jewelry with our free shipping service. The safety of your jewelry is of the utmost importance, we provide you with a secure, fully insured, trackable and overnight shipping label.
  4. At your appointment or once your jewelry arrives, it will be evaluated by our luxury jewelry experts who will calculate a final offer.
  5. You can accept payment by wire or check. If you would prefer to have you item returned to you, we will do so for free.

It’s as simple as that!


What is my Reflection de Cartier jewelry worth?

The value of your Reflection de Cartier jewelry is based on the following factors:

  • Type of jewelry: Reflection de Cartier includes necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.
  • Diamonds: As all jewelry from this collection is adorned with diamonds, be sure to indicate the total carat weight.
  • Box and Papers: You can increase the value of your jewelry when you sell them with their original box and papers in good condition. These official materials are valuable for collectors as they demonstrate your jewelry’s authenticity.
  • Condition: If you have kept your Cartier jewelry in good condition with only minor signs of wear your offer will be stronger. However, if your jewelry is significantly damaged, missing pieces or has abraded diamonds, you offer will be lower to cover the cost of repairs.

Reflection de Cartier Jewelry

WP Diamonds takes all of the guesswork out of determining the value of your Reflection de Cartier jewelry. Simply complete our online form to get your bespoke price quote.


Why sell jewelry to WP Diamonds

So what exactly sets WP Diamonds apart from other luxury jewelry buyers?

  • High-End Selling Process: WP Diamonds was created to provide a discreet and high-end selling experience whether you are selling new Cartier jewelry or a vintage Rolex watch. We provide an unparalleled selling process where every client receives an exceptional level of personalized service.
  • Dedicated Client Manager: After you complete our online form, you are paired with a dedicated client manager who works to get you the best price for your jewelry and will answer any questions you may have.
  • Jewelry Experts: Our GIA trained evaluation team consists of industry experts who conduct a thorough market analysis to ensure that you are getting the best value for your jewelry.
  • Secure: You can rest assured that your jewelry is always safe as every square foot of our office is covered by cameras and we use a secure, trackable and fully insured mailing service.
  • Free: We  have absolutely no fees or commissions taken from your final offer. Even if you decide not to sell your jewelry, we will send you your jewelry back for free.
  • Fast: Our service is so fast, you can enjoy full payment in as little as 24 hours after inquiring with us.
  • International: We work with hundreds of customers on a daily basis from around the world. With offices in New York, the UK and Hong Kong, you can sell online or schedule an appointment in three different continents.
  • Reputable: WP Diamonds is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and we have  hundreds of customer reviews.
  • Sell Online or in Person: We offer both options to give our customers flexibility and choice.

Click the button below to sell Reflection de Cartier jewelry and see how much you can get paid today.


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