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How To Sell Emeralds Online

Highly coveted and rare, emeralds are one of the most valuable gemstones available due to their beauty and durability. Harry Winston recently purchased an 18.04 carat emerald that once belonged to John D. Rockefeller, at Christie’s Auction for $5.5 million.

How to sell emeralds

You may be looking to sell emeralds online or find out how much your emerald is worth. This article will address the following questions:

About Emeralds

What does an emerald look like? Emeralds are green-bluish green stones, most often cut as an emerald cut to limit any damage or chipping to these notoriously brittle stones.

These striking stones have been enchanting humans for thousands of years. The oldest emeralds date back nearly 3 billion years and can be traced to South Africa. First known to have been mined in Egypt circa 330 BC, it is believed that they could even date back to as early as 3500 BC. Cleopatra is one of the earliest historical figures known to have been a fervent admirer and collector of emeralds. Emeralds have long been associated with enchantment and power; Aristotle believed that wearing emeralds would enable men to articulate more eloquently and that the stone would bring them luck and success.

In some countries, emeralds are viewed as a symbol of growth, love and commitment. In other societies, emeralds are believed to be able to reverse spells or to help see into the future. In western society, emeralds are considered to be the birthstone of the month of May. The green color symbolizes the rebirth of nature that comes with spring.

emerald birthstone

How Much Is My Emerald Worth?

Although emeralds are typically considered highly valuable gemstones, the value per carat depends on a variety of factors including:

  • The Color: A variety of the mineral beryl, an emerald’s color is caused by traces of chromium, vanadium and iron. The most valuable emerald colors are: vivid, green to bluish green and have a tone that is not overly dark. Lighter shades are generally considered ‘green beryls’ as opposed to emeralds, and are less valuable.
  • The Clarity (internal and external): Inclusions and blemishes within and on the exterior of the emerald will have an impact on the price. The less inclusions that the stone has, the more valuable the emerald will be. Emeralds are renowned for generally having substantial flaws, but how detectable these are to the naked eye is what has an impact on the value.
  • The Cut: The emerald cut was designed for emeralds as they are prone to damage during the cutting process. However, not all emeralds are emerald cut, as the cut is chosen to accentuate the color and clarity of the gem and this is specific to each stone.
  • The Carat Weight: As with all gemstones, gemstones are more valuable the larger that they are.
  • Origins – The origin of your emerald will play a part in its value. So, where do emeralds come from? Emeralds typically are found in: Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, and Zimbabwe. However, they can also be found in Canada, the United States and Russia. Colombian emeralds are considered the birthplace of some of the highest quality emeralds.
  • Treatments: Another factors that will impact your emeralds value is whether the emerald underwent any treatments. Treatments improve the look of your stone but lower it’s value. This is because untreated high quality emeralds are rarer than stones that have been artificially improved. Common treatments include inserting colored dye to intensify the color and fracture filling.

You can typically find the above information on your stone’s GIA certificate or other relevant paperwork.

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Where Can I Sell Emeralds Online? 

There are several options for selling emeralds or jewelry featuring emerald stones:

  • Pawnshop: Selling your emerald to a pawnshop is a quick and convenient option, however the pawnshop owner is unlikely to be an expert emerald buyer. This would mean that they most likely will not accurately price your emerald and you will likely end up underselling. The pawnshop owner will then most likely sell the stone onto a specialist buyer in order to make a significant profit.
  • Auction House– The option of selling emeralds to an auction house is a viable option if you have an incredibly rare piece and the time to spend on the selling process. Although certain auction houses will attract specialist buyers, the process can be lengthy, primarily because auctions do not take place particularly regularly and you may need to travel far in order to attend the auction.
  • Designer Jewelry Buyer– If you wish to sell designer emerald jewelry quickly and securely, WP Diamonds is a BBB A+ rated company and can offer you a competitive price. Please note that we only buy emerald jewelry from luxury brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, David Yurman and more. There are no hidden fees and you can receive payment in as little as 24 hours. Simply fill out our online form today for an initial offer from one of our gemstone experts. We also have appointments available to meet with our gemologists in person.


How To Sell Designer Emerald Jewelry Online?

  1. Fill out the online form
  2. Receive a price quote
  3. Send your item in or schedule an appointment
  4. Receive a final price

Selling designer emerald jewelry online is entirely safe as long as you work with a trustworthy and established buyer. To sell securely, there are some does and don’ts to keep in mind:

  • Do your research and check the company’s online reviews from previous customers
  • Do work with a company accredited by the BBB
  • Do find a company that specializes in gemstones
  • Do not work with a company that will charge you fees
  • Do not sell to a buyer that will not pay you within 48 hours

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