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How To Sell Diamond Engagement Rings

June 13, 2019 - Diamond Articles
Are you ready to sell your diamond engagement ring but not sure how to start? With the right jewelry buyers, selling your diamond engagement ring online can be a smooth and enjoyable process. As engagement ring experts, we will show you everything you need to know to sell diamond engagement rings safely, easily and for the best prices.

Get the answers to the following questions:


Where to sell a diamond engagement ring?

A quick search online will show you dozens of pages filled with potential engagement ring buyers, from pawn shops to local jewelers to auction houses. Why not save yourself from an endless search and sell the ring directly to the luxury experts?

At WP Diamonds, we provide a professional and simple solution for selling diamond engagement rings online. We have streamlined the entire process: it’s fast, free and completely secure. Thanks to our international presence, global connections and team of industry experts, we always provide our clients with competitive offers.

diamond engagement ring

Whether you sell to WP Diamonds by appointment in New York, the UK, Tokyo or Hong Kong, or sell online with our free shipping service, the entire process can take as little as 24 hours. We buy your diamond engagement ring or other fine jewelry outright, with no fees or commissions deducted from your final offer. It’s no wonder why we have hundreds of fantastic reviews from satisfied customers and an A+ rating with the BBB. Simply complete our online form today to receive your initial price quote.


How much is a diamond engagement ring worth?

Diamond engagement rings do not have one set price. Instead, there are multiple factors that determine an engagement ring’s worth: the quality of the largest stone, the setting, certification  and brand.

  • The quality of the largest stone: The bulk of the value of your ring comes from the largest diamond. The quality of the center stone is determined largely by the 4C’s. These are the globally accepted diamond grading criteria, established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These grades detail the characteristics of your diamond:
    • Carat Weight: Denotes how much the diamond weighs, commonly abbreviated to ct. It is important to know the carat weight of your engagement ring’s center diamond as well as any side stones or pave diamonds. The higher the carat weight, the more valuable the stone.
    • Clarity Grade: Indicates the amount of internal and external flaws present in a diamond, referred to as inclusions and blemishes. Clarity is graded on a scale from FL for flawless to I3 for visibly flawed.
    • Cut Grade: Refers to how well cut and proportionate a round diamond is graded on a scale from Excellent to Poor. Keep in mind that there are no official cut grades for fancy cut diamonds (non-round diamonds).
    • Color Grade: Indicates how much color is present in a diamond on a scale of D for colorless to Z for a light yellow. This grade only applies to white diamonds, while fancy colored diamonds such as fancy blue and fancy pink diamonds, are graded from Fancy Light to Fancy Vivid depending on their color intensity.
  • Setting: The setting adds some value to your diamond engagement ring. You will also need to know the basics about your diamond engagement ring’s setting.
    • Setting Type: These include prong, bezel, halo, pave, channel and solitaire.
    • Metal Type: The ring’s setting can be made with several metal types, with the most popular being white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Be sure to indicate your ring’s gold purity when possible (i.e. 14k, 18k etc.).
    • Additional Stones: Your engagement ring may be adorned with additional diamonds such as side stones or a halo. Indicate what your engagement ring has as well as their carat weight.
  • Certification: Your diamond engagement ring likely came with paperwork when purchased, detailing the diamond’s characteristics. Diamond certificates vary by type, but the GIA is considered the most accurate and detailed. This contains a wealth of information including your diamond’s 4 C’s, polish, fluorescence and much more. Having certification, specifically a GIA certificate, will help you during the selling process as it illustrates the quality of your diamond to potential buyers.
  • Brand: Designer brands, such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, retain good value on the second-hand market. Selling a designer engagement ring with its branded box and papers will further increase its value.

To get a price quote for your diamond engagement ring, complete our online form.


How to sell diamond engagement rings

Sell your diamond engagement ring with WP Diamonds in just 5 simple steps:

  1. Complete our online form with information about your engagement ring.
  2. Receive your bespoke price quote from our experts.
  3. Mail-in your engagement ring to our office with our free, fully insured, overnight and trackable mailing label. Or schedule an appointment in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo or the UK.
  4. Receive your final price after your diamond engagement ring is evaluated by our gemologists.
  5. Accept your payment by wire or check, or request to have your ring sent back to you for free.


What if I am not sure that my diamond is real?

If you were gifted the ring or had it passed down to you, you may have wondered if its diamond was real. There are plenty of diamond simulants on the market that can look like the real thing, such as moissanite and cubic zirconia. There are several tests that you can do at home to help tell you if you have a real diamond:

  • Glass Test: Lightly wet the table of your diamond and place that end against glass. Real diamonds will adhere to the glass and fakes will fall.
  • Read Through Test: Place the diamond table down on a newspaper or book. If you can read the text, then your stone is not likely a diamond.
  • Fog Test: Breathe onto the diamond like you are trying to fog up a window. If the fog clears up after one or two seconds, then your diamond is likely a real diamond.

While these tests can be a great starting point, the best way to know if your diamond is real is to have it evaluated by a trained gemologist.


Is it safe to sell diamond engagement rings online?

Yes, selling your engagement ring online can be an entirely safe process. As long as you work with reputable diamond buyers with a transparent selling process, excellent online reviews and an exceptional reputation with the Better Business Bureau, you can sell diamond engagement rings with confidence.

diamond engagement ring

At WP Diamonds, we are proud of our hundreds of fantastic online reviews and A+ rating with the BBB, which illustrate our commitment to excellence. We make the selling process seamless from the moment you fill out our online form to the moment you get paid.

Click the button below to begin selling your diamond engagement ring with WP Diamonds today. As well as pieces of jewelry, we also purchase luxury watches and handbags.

Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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