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Looking to sell Chanel handbags? As designer handbag experts, we buy your luxury bags outright: no fees or commissions deducted. The entire process can take as little as 24 hours, from receiving your price quote to having the money in your account. We offer the option of selling for cash or trading in store credit. Our A+ BBB rated service is designed with speed, convenience, safety and value in mind.


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How to sell Chanel handbags quickly and safely

The safest and quickest option if you are going to sell a Chanel bag is to go to an expert buyer. We know that when parting ways with your Chanel bag you want to be in safe hands. Follow our outlined steps to easily sell your Chanel bag and receive your payment in as little as 24 hours.


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How much is my Chanel bag worth?

As per any luxury bag, how much your Chanel bag is worth will depend on which model it is, how old the bag is and really crucially what kind of condition the bag is in. The best way to ascertain the second-hand price of your used Chanel bag is to get a price from the luxury experts. Click the button below to receive your bespoke price quote.

Best place to sell Chanel handbags

You may be considering selling your Chanel handbag and have an understanding of how much a Chanel handbag is worth – but do you know the best way to sell a Chanel bag? The answer is simple: sell to the experts.

Our team of industry experts have the training and expertise necessary to offer the best prices. Unlike many designer bag buyers, we do not deduct any fees or commissions from your final offer. We cut out the middle-man and buy your Chanel handbag directly, creating a fast and seamless selling experience. Sell online or in person, our service is always fast, free and professional.

Which Chanel bags can I sell?

We buy a wide range of Chanel bags including, but not limited to:

Sell Chanel Classic bags

By far the most popular and recognized Chanel bag is the quilted classic leather flap bag (simply named the Classic Handbag on the Chanel website), with a flap opening and Chanel logo lock. The first version of this bag was the 2.55 (as it was made in the February of 1955) and is said to be the first ever women’s shoulder bag. The classic Chanel flap bag is similar in design to the 2.55 but was actually created by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980s, with the addition of the CC lock. The original 2.55 model was reintroduced to the collection in 2005 featuring the old style of lock which is known as the Mademoiselle lock. The Chanel classic flap bag comes in a variety of different sizes, materials and metal hardware.

Sell Chanel Boy bag

The Boy bag is a somewhat recent addition to the Chanel handbag collection as it was only introduced in 2011. Named after Chanel’s partner Boy Capel, the Boy bag is somewhat of an updated, more modern version of the original classic. The Boy bag has a more edgy, androgynous appeal to it due to its chunkier, more angular shape. Coco Chanel was a great admirer of menswear and loved incorporating more masculine details into her clothing and accessories. The Boy bag was introduced by Head Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld as a tribute to Coco Chanel and the love of her life, Boy Capel.

Sell Chanel Shopping bag

The Chanel Shopping Bags are tote bags that are remodeled and adapted time and time again but are a key style of bag in the Chanel collection. The Large Shopping Bag from the current collection is similar in style to the Chanel Classic Handbag with its use of quilted leather, chain strap and the Chanel CC logo on the front. Yet, it is a lot larger and better suited for everyday wear.

About WP Diamonds

WP Diamonds is an A+ BBB Chanel bag buyer with extensive experience in buying designer handbags. Located in NYC, we work with hundreds of customers every day from around the world looking to sell designer bags, jewelry and luxury watches. Our experts can assess the value of your Chanel bag to give you a strong price and best of all, there are no hidden fees. To sell your Chanel handbag, simply fill in our online form today.


Sell Chanel handbags to the experts

About Chanel

When considering luxury designer brands, it is difficult to think of any other brand that has created as many recognizable and iconic products as Chanel. From the cult perfume Chanel No 5 to the classic handbag, the Chanel brand is innately chic. As well as creating timeless styles, Chanel uses high quality materials for its bags in order to ensure durability. Certain of these materials are easier to maintain than others, for example lambskin is smooth and much more likely to scuff over time whereas the caviar leather is a lot more scratch resistant.

Founded in 1909 by Coco Chanel, Chanel is perhaps best known for introducing the concept of a staple wardrobe piece: the Little Black Dress, commonly known as the LBD. Coco Chanel opened the first Chanel store when she was 27 years old at 21 Rue Cambon in Paris. The store was initially reputed for selling hats, especially to well-known actresses of the day. In 1913, Chanel opened its second store in which it expanded its line to sportswear. Chanel’s use of jersey material revolutionized the way that women’s sportswear was conceived. The third store opening was the first Chanel couture store, which opened in Biarritz in 1915. The store unfortunately shut its doors in 1939 when the Second World War broke out. Over the years Chanel began to magnify its status as a couture house, opening more stores across France and internationally.

Chanel is renowned for being a pioneer in design, for example, Chanel was the first fashion house to use a chain-link strap on its bags – a feature that has been imitated by other brands ever since. When buying a Chanel bag, you are investing in a hand-crafted piece that requires highly-skilled workers and hours of dedicated work.

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