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Sell Bulgari Divas’ Dream Jewelry

February 6, 2020 - Jewelry Articles
In less than a decade, Divas’ Dream has already become one of Bulgari’s core collections—its signature fan motif used in everything from high jewelry to limited-edition watches. So you may already have had the pleasure of wearing glittering, glamorous pieces like its rose gold necklace with colored gemstones or a Divas’ Dream watch. Or you may own a piece that you no longer love. If so, you’ll find that there’s no better time to sell. Read on, as we walk you through the process of determining the value of your jewelry on the secondary market, finding the best buyer, and getting the highest offer when you sell Bulgari Divas’ Dream jewelry.

Learn the story behind your jewelry and get answers to these questions:


The good news: you have lots of options. The bad news: Most involve lots and lots of waiting. For example, you can submit your to auction sites and wait for bids. Or place your piece with an auction house or consignment seller and wait for a sale.

Or you can streamline the process by working directly with experts in luxury jewelry: Established in 2012, WP Diamonds has revolutionized the way luxury jewelry, diamonds, and watches are sold with a process that is transparent, free, and fast.

Led by industry veterans, WP Diamonds offers a high-end selling process that values transparency and security, and puts customer service above all else. We understand the emotional and monetary value of your jewelry, which is why we use a fully insured and trackable shipping service, so you can rest assured that your pieces are always safe. We buy your jewelry outright and our service is entirely free, meaning that you will never need to spend a single penny on hidden fees or commissions—even if you decline our offer.

Complete our online form and you will be paired with a client manager who will provide your price quote and be able to explain how he or she arrived at that price. Because we buy your jewelry—rather than taking it on consignment or placing it at auction—the entire process can take as little as 24 hours whether you sell online or in person. If you decide to accept our price, we offer the option of payment in cash or check. Or, if you are looking to trade in your jewelry for a new piece, you can also opt for store credit at our partner site Gemma and receive  an increase of 10 percent. Our trusted service has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of online reviews.


The resale value of your Divas’ Dream jewelry will depend on a combination of these factors:

Jewelry Type: Are you selling a piece of high jewelry, a piece of fine jewelry from a recent collection? Is your piece a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or a watch?

Authenticity card, packaging, and receipt: Bulgari ships its jewelry with a digital authenticity card, which allows you to scan the product’s QR code with your smartphone and get more information about your jewelry. The card, which also acts as a warranty for two years after purchase, is prized by buyers and collectors as a confirmation that your jewelry is genuine. Likewise, your Divas’ Dream piece will be worth more if you have the original packaging and receipt.

Gemstones: How many stones does the piece have? What are they? Are they faceted or cabochon? If your piece incorporates pavé diamonds, you don’t have to count the stones, but be sure to specify their total carat weight (you should be able to find that information by scanning the QR code).

Size: If you have a ring, what size is it? Because of their shape and the way gemstones are set, some rings in the Divas’ Dream collection are tricky to resize. A popular size will be easier to sell.

Condition: Do the clasps still work correctly? Are any stones missing? If your piece has semi-precious stones—malachite, carnelian, turquoise, mother of pearl—is the surface chipped or scratched? If you have a ring, has it been sized or repaired? Did you have it engraved or personalized? If you have earrings, do you still have the pushback for the post? The value for jewelry with only minor signs of wear will be stronger. Alternatively, jewelry with significant wear and damage will have a lower value to compensate for the cost of repairs.

When you’re ready to sell Bulgari Divas’ Dream jewelry, just complete our online form to get your price quote.


  1. Complete our online form to get a price quote for your piece.
  2. Choose to sell online or in person.
  3. Accept our offer and get paid—or have your jewelry returned free of charge.

We offer two convenient selling methods:

Sell online: After completing our online form, you’ll be contacted by one of our client representatives who will provide you with a free, fully insured, trackable, overnight shipping label to send your jewelry to our office. When your Bulgari jewelry arrives, it will be opened on camera and promptly evaluated by our jewelry team. Your client manager will contact you with our final offer and an explanation of how we arrived at that price. You can accept payment by wire or check. If you refuse our offer, you can always request to have your jewelry returned to you the next business day—for free.

Sell in person: Every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., we also provide appointments at our secure and comfortable offices in New York in Midtown Manhattan. We also offer appointments in Birmingham or London in the UK, and Hong Kong. Appointments are typically 30 minutes long, during which you will meet with an expert who will assess and price your Bulgari jewelry and be able to explain how they arrived at that decision. Your appointment is free and you are never pressured to sell your jewelry.

When you sell to the experts at WP Diamonds, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest offers and that you will be paid promptly. Click the button below to see how much you can make when you sell Bulgari Divas’ Dream jewelry to WP Diamonds.


Founded in 1884 by Greek-born silversmith Sortirio Boulgaris, who shortened his surname to its Latin form when he emigrated to Italy, the luxury brand as we now know it began in 1910 when Bulgari’s two sons moved to a small shop at 10 via dei Condotti near Rome’s Spanish Steps.

By the 1950s, their business was booming. The Eternal City’s economy was enjoying a second renaissance, Cincecittà was the largest movie studio in Europe, and screen divas loved nothing better than draping themselves in Bulgari’s distinctive and dramatic jewelry. Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Sofia Loren, Anita Ekberg, Monica Vitti, and Gina Lollabrigida all adored Bulgari. So did everyone else who came through Rome. Bulgari was the jeweler to the jet set. When Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton met in Rome during the filming of Cleopatra in 1963, Burton would joke, “I introduced Liz to beer, she introduced me to Bulgari.”

Fast forward to 2013, when Bulgari creative director Lucia Silvestri launched the collection of high jewelry that came to be called “Divas’ Dream.” As its signature motif, Silvestri used the fan shape seen in mosaic floors of the ancient Roman Baths of Caracalla, a site that she declared synonymous with feminine indulgence.

Shortly afterward, the collection expanded to spectacularly colorful, gem-set watches: their faces framed by rows of curved fan shapes glittering with 20 carats or more of individual- and pavé-set precious stones. Then came collections of Divas’ Dream fine jewelry with Bulgari’s trademark mix of gold, diamonds, and semi-precious stones like carnelian, malachite, turquoise, onyx, and mother of pearl. Most recently, the collection expanded again to include limited-edition watches that, while no less dazzling, were more suited to daywear, like Divina Tourbillon Phoenix, with its skeletonized dial and hand-painted phoenix and flames. Along with Serpenti, Fiorever, and B.zero1, Divas’ Dream has become a mainstay collection—glittering, glamorous, and unmistakably Bulgari.

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