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Quiz: Pick An Engagement Ring And We’ll Tell You Where You Should Live

December 5, 2017 - Jewelry Articles
What do your engagement ring preferences say about you? Take our quiz below to find out which region in the US you should live in based on your preferences.


Engagement Ring Quiz

Pick an engagement ring:







Solitaire rings are beloved for their sophisticated and timeless design. As a lover of classic styles, New York is the perfect place for you to call home. Spend your days shopping luxury boutiques on 5th avenue, vesting the MET and watching Broadway hits.



A halo of diamonds add the perfect romantic touch to any engagement ring. Surround yourself with romance as you begin your life in Paris. From fancy restaurants to renowned art galleries and enchanting gardens, Paris is easy to fall in love with.



Trendy East-West settings depart from traditional diamond mountings by holding fancy shaped stones such as emeralds and pears horizontally. As a free spirit, you’ll thrive in Spain among bold Spanish architecture, streets bursting with color and rich cuisine that will delight any palate.



Bezel engagement rings curve around delicate gemstones to keep them secure. With adventure at your core, you’re ready to make Colorado your home. Countless parks, trails, canyons rich blooming flora and fauna are waiting to be explored.


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