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Sell Piaget Watches For The Best Prices

Sell Piaget watches online to the luxury experts. We buy your Piaget watches directly and in as little as 24 hours. We believe in honest price quotes and a fast, seamless selling experience. Sell your luxury watches for cash or for store credit today.

Sell Piaget Watches

How To Sell Piaget Watches

To start selling your Piaget watch click on the button below. It’s important that you make adequate notes to describe the condition of your item including whether you have the box and papers and the condition of those during the form filling process. Please do this in the ‘Describe Your Item’ section of the form.

To get an estimate we need to see photos your watch, please take 4 photos from different angles including the box and papers. You can attach the photos in the inquiry form or send them to

WP Diamonds only buys genuine and authenticated timepieces. Our experts examine all items to identify counterfeit and stolen watches before making an offer.

How To Sell Piaget Watches For The Best Price

Piaget watches retain respectable resale value, but wearing your watch can cause some slight wear and tear. Read more about how to prevent any damage that could affect your resale value.

Have the Documentation

Keep your Piaget watch box and documentation. This will help your achieve the best possible price- if these are in good condition it will entice future owners of your watch to pay higher prices.

Keep the Box

Our first suggestion is to keep your watch in a watch box to prevent your item becoming scratched or damaged. Damage to your watch will have a considerable impact in re-sale value.

Service Your Watch

It is important to service your watch regularly, remember to include all the links and service receipts if you are still in possession of them.Contact Our ExpertsOur experts by Piaget watches from all over the globe

WP Diamonds expert watch buyers are luxury industry veterans. We understand the market for Piaget watch and will gladly share our insight and experience. Our process is unique and ensures that you get the best price for your Piaget watch in as little time as possible.

Piaget Collections We Purchase

WP Diamonds purchases Piaget models and Piaget watches of all kinds. Selling a pre owned watch to WP Diamonds is therefore incredibly simple.

Here we list the Piaget watch collections that we routinely purchase, including the following popular Piaget collections:

  • Emperador
  • Altiplano
  • Piaget Polo
  • Dancer
  • Classic & Traditional
  • Extremely Piaget
  • Limelight
  • Possession

About Piaget

Since 1874 Piaget has been designing, developing and manufacturing its own watch movements.  Piaget is famed for high precision movements and thin watches.

The components of Piagets are engineered to perfection to conform to the demands for a sleek design aesthetic. It is said that some of the ultra thin components are no wider than a human hair. Over 14 decorative operations are performed to produce the design excellence that we have come to expect from the brand.

How Much Is A Piaget Watch Worth?

Piaget came to prominence due to its innovative designs. Because its designers are exclusively in-house they can readily bring their creative flair to bear and the result are watches that sell well on the primary and second-hand markets. Many clients at WP Diamonds ask ‘How much is my Piaget worth?’. The best way to find this out is to get a online price quote from our luxury watch experts.

Each collection will have its own value but the basic ingredients that determine the price when selling a Piaget watch are below:

  • Which model are you selling
  • What was the original retail price
  • Condition of the watch
  • Are all the parts genuine
  • Do you have all of the original box, papers, links, strap
  • Service history (it is advantageous to have a documented service history

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