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Sell Fancy Orange Diamonds

Sell fancy orange diamonds to the leading diamond buyers. Our team of GIA trained gemologists buy your diamonds in as little as 24 hours. Sell to us online or via appointment, our service is free of charge. Just like your fancy colored diamonds, our process is unique: simply follow the steps outlined below to get your price quote.

Sell Orange Diamonds

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How To Sell Fancy Orange Diamonds?

Once you are ready to part with your fancy colored diamond, following these steps will ensure a seamless selling process:


As you begin the selling process, you may be wondering: What do I need in order to sell my orange diamond?

It’s important to gather as much information as possible about your item, including any appraisals you may have, paperwork from the store where you purchased your diamond, or any certificates you can find.

The more information you provide, the more accurately your buyer will be able to assess and price your item. The most reliable form of information is issued by the GIA. The foremost authority in gemology; their gradings are the gold standard in the industry.


Once you have collected information about your diamond, it is time to think about how much your orange diamond is worth. There are a few factors that will ultimately determine your diamond’s value:

AttributeEffect on the Value of Your Diamond
ColorThe color of your diamond has the largest impact on your diamond’s worth.Fancy colored diamonds are assessed based on three primary color attributes—huesaturation, and tone.Hue refers to the actual color of your diamond. Colored diamonds are ranked from fancy light to fancy to fancy intense to fancy vivid, with fancy vivid being the most rare and valuable. This color ranking is dependent on saturation, meaning the intensity or pureness of your diamond’s color, and tone, meaning the lightness or darkness of your diamond’s color i.e. fancy dark vs fancy deep brown orange. The color label your stone receives will be a huge determinant in your stone’s value.
Cut or shapeA diamond’s cut is also an important factor to consider when assessing worth. Certain cuts can maximize color intensity and hide flaws in your stone, increasing its value. A good cut will manipulate the way your stone interacts with light, maximizing your stone’s visual appeal and increasing its price on the market. Additionally, certain cuts will be in higher demand on the marketplace at the time of sale and thus will increase your diamond’s price.
ClarityClarity refers to how flawless your orange diamond is. Diamonds with fewer inclusions, meaning flaws within the diamond, and fewer blemishes, meaning flaws on the surface of the diamond, are more valuable. Diamonds are given a clarity ranking based on the amount, size, and appearance of inclusions and blemishes. It is common for most diamonds to have some imperfections, but the more flawless your diamond, the more prized.
Carat WeightCarat weight also has a significant impact on your item’s value. The larger your orange diamond, the more rare it is, and thus the more valuable. As carat weight increases, price-per-carat increases dramatically.


The next question that may confront you as you continue the diamond selling process is: where can I sell my orange diamond? There are a few popular selling options with various pros and cons:

  • Pawnshop – While a pawnshop can be a convenient way to sell your diamond, pawnshops do not specialize in colored diamonds. They will simply flip the diamond to a dealer for an immediate profit; one that you could have kept for yourself!
  • Online Auction House – An online auction house can seem like an easy method for selling your diamond, but it can be a lengthy process with high fees and no guarantee of sale. Furthermore, the reserve may be set low and someone might snap it up at a bargain!
  • Craigslist/eBay – Craigslist, eBay and other online marketplaces can be user-friendly ways to sell household goods, but is not a place to sell a high value, colored diamond.
  • Jeweler (on consignment) – While selling your jewelry on consignment can help you reach a targeted audience of consumers actively looking to buy jewelry, selling to a jeweler can be a risky option—many jewelers are not knowledgeable about the particularities of colored diamonds and also often require high fees.
  • Online Specialist Buyer – Selling through a reputable online specialist, colored diamond buyer like WP Diamonds will ensure you receive the best price for your colored diamond. The process is quick and easy, and you can receive payment in as little as 24 hours. We re proud of our A+ BBB rating and over 1,000 customer reviews.

Why Sell Fancy Orange Diamonds To WP Diamonds?

Selling through an online expert buyer, such as WP Diamonds, is an easy, quick process.

  • Strong Prices: WP Diamonds’ solid financial backing and large buying capacity ensures that we can offer a higher price for your diamond than a small jeweler or a local pawnshop.
  • Security: WP Diamonds takes the security of your item very seriously—we offer free insured overnight shipping labels, and every package is opened on-camera to ensure its safety.
  • Expertise: Our colored diamond specialists have the expertise and experience to accurately value your item and offer you a highly competitive price offering.
  • Reputation: With offices in NYC, Tokyo, Hong Kong and the UK, WP Diamonds’ global scope ensures that we have access to current international pricing and are able to offer a competitive price for your orange diamond. We are proud to be members of many of the major industry trade groups and continually to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

What Types Of Orange Diamonds Can You Sell?

We accept GIA certified orange diamonds with the following characteristics:

  1. Fancy light or better
  2. 20 carats or greater
  3. Natural orange color (or with a yellow or pink modifier, ie. yellowish orange or yellow orange)

Orange diamonds are often modified by secondary colors such as yellow, pink, or brown. An orange diamond with a small amount of secondary pink hue may be called a pinkish orange diamond (i.e. 20% pink and 80% orange) or an orange diamond with a larger amount of pink may be called a pink orange diamond (i.e. 40% pink and 60% orange).

  • Because pink is a rare and valuable diamond color, a secondary pink hue can increase your diamond’s value.
  • Because brown and yellow are more common and less valuable colors, the presence of yellow or brown in your orange diamond may decrease its value.

Why Are Orange Diamonds So Expensive?

Orange diamonds are valuable because of their rarity. They are created by a unique placement of nitrogen within the diamond’s structure. When nitrogen is present during a diamond’s formation, an orange color will show.

Orange diamonds like the 14.82-carat fancy vivid orange sold in 2013 for $35.5 million or Harry Winston’s 5.54-carat fancy vivid “Pumpkin Diamond” have added excitement and value to the growing orange diamond market.

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