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New Year’s Resolution 2021: Declutter

January 3, 2021 - Relationship Articles
By far the most popular new year’s resolution: declutter. Decluttering gives you greater control of your life, energy and finances while eliminating stress. This resolution allows you to rediscover what you already own, sell what you no longer need and have your home looking its best. Keep reading to learn how to declutter your life, home and finances and make 2021 your best year yet.


New Year’s resolution: Declutter


How to start decluttering

While many people have the best of intentions about sticking to their New Year’s goals, studies show that only 9% of people actually achieve them. Many people set themselves up for failure by establishing too many tasks for themselves in too little amount of time. But by setting and achieving small decluttering tasks, you will be establishing the foundation for long term success.

Make your decluttering resolution painless and even fun by following these steps. Decluttering is about organization and taking back control, so it makes sense to approach this in a structured and methodical way.

How to declutter:

  • First create a list of areas of your life, home and finances to declutter.
  • Commit time to decluttering, whether it’s 5 minutes a day or one hour over the weekend.
  • Set reasonable completion dates to live clutter free.
  • Let a friend or family member know about your decluttering resolution so you can have someone to keep you accountable and inspired.


1. Declutter your Life

Just as we need to set aside time to declutter our home, our lives need the same treatment. After Joshua Becker of the website decluttered his life he stated that he “discovered more money, more time, more energy, more freedom, less stress, and more opportunity.”

Take time to tackle these tasks to declutter your life:

  • Set goals – Create a list of everything you want to achieve each week or month, such as decluttering your bedroom or scanning important documents like tax returns.
  • Reduce your commitments – When we overwhelm ourselves with work, school, family and other commitments we can end with too many uncompleted tasks and vexation.
  • Take note of where you are – Write down all of your current commitments and ask yourself how important they are. While it may be hard to turn down a request from a friend or family member, with limited commitments you will be able to achieve more without any of the frustration.
  • Clean your digital life – Just as we tidy our homes, we need to maintain our digital lives. Take time to unsubscribe from unread email newsletters, delete unused apps and software and remove unsavory people from social media.
  • Start using an RSS feed –Save yourself from hours of browsing the Internet by setting up an RSS feed. With an RSS feed you will get notified when your favorite sites update, saving you plenty of internet surfing time while making sure you don’t miss out on the latest news.


2. Declutter your Home

Clutter in your home can just become visual noise. According to the LA Times, Americans have an average of 300,000 items in their homes. But decluttering your home does not have to be a daunting task. By following these simple steps you can have your home looking its best:

  • Make a list – Start small and write down all of the areas of your home you need to declutter and start with the easiest section.
  • Ask yourself when you last used an item – If you haven’t touched something in the last year and it lacks sentimental value, you should get rid of it.
  • Have four bins – Get four bins ready as you declutter your home for items you will keep, sell, throw out and are unsure about. For any of the items you are unsure about keeping ask yourself a few days later if your home or life is suffering without them.
  • Organize – Go through your cabinets and drawers thoroughly and give everything a proper place in your home. Including your junk drawers that you avoid looking in.
  • Check the dates – You might be surprised by the kinds of items in your home that have a limited shelf life such as makeup, medicine and spices.


3. Decluttering your Finances

Just as decluttering your home will make your life easier, so will decluttering your finances. All too often we get wrapped up in life and let our finances slip through the cracks. When you give yourself the opportunity to declutter your finances you can take back control of your financial freedom.

new year's resolution declutter

Make decluttering your finances painless by following these steps:

  • Scan important documents and receipts to make a digital record.
  • Use a quality shredder to dispose of your papers.
  • Sign up for paperless billing.
  • Automate your bill payments though a single account to never miss a payment.
  • Set up automated savings, even if it is just $20 a week.
  • Close unused credit cards.
  • Monitor your finances to learn exactly where your money is going.
  • Download an app to monitor your finances like Mint if you need help.
  • Assess your debt and make a payment plan.


What to do with your Clutter

After decluttering your life, home and finances you might be wondering what to do with all of the clutter you have accumulated. You have several options when it comes to doing away with your clutter:

  • Trash – For all items that are unsalable like a sock missing its partner or a sweater with too many holes in them, it is time to throw out or recycle them.
  • Donate – Give your items away to a charitable cause and receive the feeling of a good deed done as well as a possible tax break.
  • Sell – Today it is easier than ever to sell your items online. With sites like Ebay and Craigslist you can sell whatever you want to while naming your own price. For more specialist items, such as luxury watches or jewelry, always work with a reputable specialist buyer in order to get the best price.


How to sell used jewelry

If a divorce has left you struggling financially, consider selling your engagement ring and any other jewelry or watches that remind you of your former marriage. Holding onto these items that remind you of the past is not always emotionally healthy, by selling these items you will be able to free yourself from these memories while receiving funds.

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