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New Year’s Goals 2020

December 27, 2017 - Relationship Articles
With only a few days until the New Year, now is the perfect time to set your new year’s goals for 2020. Many people promise life changes for the New Year, but few actually achieve success. We often set ourselves up for failure by tasking ourselves with several seemingly insurmountable goals and then losing motivation.

So how to make this year different? They key is to take time to reflect over the previous year and determine realistic goals that will have a positive impact on your life. By creating small, attainable goals for the year, you can build the foundation for positive lifestyle changes. Keep reading to learn how to plan your new year’s goals for 2020 and how to painlessly achieve them.


Establish your new year’s goals

Ask yourself what your goals for the New Year are, but be specific. Do you want to stay healthy, spend more time with loved ones, get financially secure or all of the above? Rather than setting broad, general goals, setting specific, manageable goals will get you on the path towards achieving positive changes in your life.

So instead of telling yourself, “I am going to get in shape,” ask yourself what you want to achieve. Does “getting in shape” mean that you want to eat clean, get strong or reach a certain weight? By clearly defining your goals they become less overwhelming and more achievable.

New Year’s goals ideas for 2020:

  • Spending more time with loved ones – Scheduling regular calls with parents and planning brunches with best friends.
  • Getting fit – Running a 4K and dropping a few inches.
  • Learning more – Reading several books and taking online classes.
  • Traveling – Planning a vacation to a country you’ve always wanted to visit.
  • Cooking more – Prepping meals every week and eating out less.
  • Increasing productivity – Waking up at a specific time every day and having the time to accomplish more.
  • Becoming financially secure – Grow savings and regularly contributing to a retirement fund.
  • Letting go of the Past – Moving on from difficult memories and freeing yourself any tangible reminders of the past, like an engagement ring or gifts from a former marriage.


The most popular New Year’s Goal

Decluttering is one of the most popular new year’s resolutions. Why? Quite simply because most of us hold on to too much clutter; which has a negative impact on our state of mind and holds us back financially. Clutter can be visually stressful, holding on to items of the past is not always emotionally healthy, and by selling used items you can free up cash to spend on items that add to your life.

If divorce has left you struggling financially, consider selling your engagement ring and any other jewelry or watches that remind you of your former marriage. WP Diamonds can help you become more financially secure and assist you with letting go from the past. We provide honest and competitive prices for diamond engagement rings, designer jewelry and luxury watches. Our process is so fast that you can receive payment in as little as 24 hours after filling our simple online form. Our quick, secure and reliable service has earned us an A+ with the BBB and reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. Get your quote today by filling out our online form. Click the button below to get your offer.


How to stick to your new year’s goals in 2020

Despite the best of intentions, studies show that only 9% of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals. Don’t let this statistic deter you, with proper planning you can achieve all of your goals. Answer the questions below to see if your goals are attainable:

1. Are your goals realistic?

By making your goals realistic you are much more likely to keep them throughout the year. If getting fit is your goal, going to the gym 3 times a week is more realistic than 6 times. Unrealistic goals will put greater pressure on you and are much more difficult to achieve.

2. Are you passionate about your goals?

Being excited about your goals can help you stay motivated throughout the year. If saving money is your goal, determine what you are saving money for. Rather than feeling frustrated for cutting back on expenses, remind yourself that this money is going towards something you will love such as a trip to Europe or new car.

how to achieve goals

3. Have you made a goal road map?

Just as bad habits develop over time, replacing them with positive changes requires time. Create a timeline for achieving your short and long term goals. By pacing yourself each task becomes more manageable. According to psychology lecturer Philip Clarke, “People who develop action plans experience less anxiety, more confidence, improved concentration and greater satisfaction about achieving their goals and are more likely to succeed.”

Rather than simply resolving to save $4,800 in a year, commit to saving $100 a week. These short term goals will put you on the path towards achieving a long term goal, such as saving $400 a month which becomes $4,800 a year. Make sure that your goal can be achieved in a realistic time frame. Promising yourself that you will be able to run 5 miles in one month when you’re new to running will only set you up for frustration and failure.

Consider sharing your goals with friends and family who can check your progress regularly. While it’s easier to break a promise to yourself, it is much harder to break a promise to a loved one. To stay motivated you can also join a support group or an online community. This way you can share your journey, feel accountable for your progress and receive support from others in your position.

4. Are you recording your progress?

By recording your progress you can see how much you have grown. Being able to see the results of your progress after weeks of work is a fantastic motivator. Whether it’s seeing your extra savings, pounds lost, and skills obtained, you can feel instantly satisfied about all of the time and effort you have invested into your goals.

5. Forgive yourself for any slip ups

Slipups are completely natural when it comes to sticking with goals. Whether you spent a bit too much one week or missed a day at the gym, you do not need to give up on your resolutions. Forgive yourself, learn from the slipup and keep working towards your goal.

6. Celebrate your victories

Whether you are on day 2 or day 200, be proud of the positive changes you’ve made. Everyday has been a step towards achieving your goals and changing your life for the better. By giving yourself small, manageable goals, you have successfully effected positive change in your life.


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