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Life After Divorce: What Happens Next?

February 28, 2018 - Relationship Articles
Every divorce is different and brings its own unique set of challenges. So whether you are in the process of getting a divorce or newly divorced, you may be wondering: what next? How do I cope and what should I be doing post divorce? In this guide to life after divorce, the following questions will be tackled:


When do most divorces happen?

Divorce rates spike at certain times of the year. January being one of the most common times for couples to proceed with divorce. Once the holiday season is behind us, this period of the year is often when couples decide to split.

There are several explanations for this. The first being that the holiday season is a time when families come together and spend time one on one. If things do not go to plan, couples may realize that the relationship has issues that cannot be overcome.

Another reason is that people can be so busy with the festivities and the financial costs, that the breakdown of a relationship does not truly showcase itself until after the holiday period is over. Another cause of relationships ending after December is that holidays can actually cause real strain on relationships. If the relationship was not that strong to begin with, it simply may not last.

For example, Christmas is often an expensive holiday but it also requires a lot of work. If you notice that your partner is not putting in the same effort as you, this can be a red flag. It may highlight to you that parts of your relationship are one-sided.


Life after divorce: what happens next?

The good news is that this is entirely up to you. This is the opportunity for a brand new start and new you. This is the perfect time to focus on activities, hobbies, relationships and your career. Some aspects of your life may have been put on hold or you were not able to enjoy fully during your marriage.


how to cope with life after divorce


How to cope emotionally after divorce?

Your emotional well being is just as important as your physical and financial well being. Finding healthy coping mechanisms is important post divorce.


Deal with any negative emotions

You may have to deal with an array of challenging emotions. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Panic/Anger/Sadness: It is easy and even natural after a divorce to feel a sense of panic, anger or sadness. However dealing with it bit by bit will make your future seem a lot more manageable.
  • Guilt: Sometimes after feelings of sadness or anger have disappeared, doubt and guilt creep in. People may wonder if they were to blame for the breakdown of a relationship. The reality of the situation is that we cannot go back in time to amend our behavior. But we can be grateful for what we have learned from difficult situations.


Practice self-care

Self-care is incredibly important after a divorce, as you need to prioritize taking care of yourself. Whenever times get tough, it is crucial to identify which people you feel comfortable having as your support network.

Be it close friends you can talk to, family you can rely on or you think a therapist would be helpful, you must communicate your fears and feelings with others. All too often we can let our thoughts spiral into a negative space. Without other people’s perspectives, it is hard to get ourselves out of that spiral.


Practice gratitude

Be grateful for the relationships in your life that are going well. Maybe you have an amazing relationship with your parents or your siblings or even your work colleagues. Remember that romantic relationships are not the only ones that matter. Not being in a romantic relationship does not devalue you in any way.


Acknowledge healing takes times

Another important thing to note after a divorce is that change takes time. Although you may not feel like things will improve, know that they will. But first must acknowledge that there is no quick fix for matters of the heart.

Take one day at a time and try to be excited for any new opportunities that come your way. No matter how small they may be or appear to be, they do in fact matter.


how to cope with life after divorce


How to cope financially after divorce?

The effect it has on different divorcees will vary from person to person. It will depend on your personal financial situation as well as what agreements were made during the divorce. The situation will also depend on whether you have any children and if you have a stable job.


Assess your incomings vs outgoings

One of the most common ways that people get into debt is simply by not acknowledging incomings and outgoings.

It is important to assess your financial situation and ask yourself if your income and outgoings have changed. Look at how much money you usually spend month to month, taking into account the occasional additional costs that arise unexpectedly. Next, take a close look how much money you have in savings and how much you are earning. If you have a good grasp of your finances, you will better understand what compromises may need to be made.


Supplement your income

There are some obvious long-term financial solutions such as:

  • Adapting how much money you spend
  • Downsizing your home
  • Changing career

Alongside this, you may also consider some more immediate impact solutions. One option available is selling any unwanted yet valuable possessions.

Following your life after divorce, there are many reasons why you may choose not to keep your engagement ring. Or any jewelry or watches that remind you of your previous relationship. Selling the jewelry from your marriage could not only remove any unwanted reminders. It could also provide some financial aid should you need it.

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