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How To Spot A Fake Hublot Watch

February 23, 2021 - Watch Articles
Hublot Geneve is a storied Swiss watch manufacturer known for producing timepieces with diverse designs and materials. Their wide selection of models makes the brand attractive to customers who want their style and personality reflected in what they wear on their wrist. This wide selection also makes the brand challenging to fully know. Which brings us to the question: how to spot a fake Hublot watch?


How to spot a fake Hublot watch?

  1. Screws
  2. Rubber
  3. Materials
  4. Serial number
  5. Model number


how to spot fake hublot


1. Screws

Our first tip on how to spot a fake Hublot watch is to take a close look at the screws.  The most common family of Hublot watches is their “Big Bang” line: they are modular designed watches all with round bezels connected down into the watch case with six “H” screws.

Look closely and you will see that the screws are designed as a rounded letter “H.” Look again and you will notice that the round bezel and six evenly spaced screws are part of a purposeful design to make the watch look like a portal or window like the one you would find on the side of a ship. The word Hublot translates to the word portal in French.


2. Rubber

Not all but most Hublot Big Bang watches are chronographs, therefore it is common to see the extra buttons on the right side and the three smaller dials inside the watch that will show elapsed time. Hublot is long known for using rubber straps as they are both comfortable and long lasting. Even if you see a leather strap, the inside portion should have a rubber base in order to be considered an authentic Hublot.


3. Materials

Materials used seem endless, as nothing is off the table at the Hublot watchmaking laboratory. Some examples of materials found in Hublot watch cases are steel, titanium, carbon fiber, ceramic, tantalum, rose gold, “magic” gold and sapphire. There are many more materials used in Hublot watches and many more yet to come.

Hublot dials are most often made of traditional brass but it is just as common to see them made of carbon fiber or even exotic materials such as denim and even leather. Their mantra is the “art of fusion” and they use this spirit to push their design team the widest boundaries of watchmaking.

Regardless of what colors you see, if the piece has the shape and overall look and feel of a Hublot Big Bang, you can be confident that you are on the right track. Being on the right track is not being certain.


4. Serial number

Every Hublot watch will have an individualized serial number on the case back. The serial number is 6 or 7-digits long. The serial number is clearly engraved on the watch.

The number is equally clear with raised printing on the original warranty card. This number on the case back of the watch must always match the serial number on the warranty card.

Given the complexity of designs and models, the matching warranty card is important to have and inspect when evaluating and purchasing a Hublot. While it is always beneficial to have matching paperwork with any fine watch, with Hublot it is especially so.


5. Model number

Just like the serial numbers, Hublot model numbers are found on the warranty card with clear and raised printing. Hublot has a specific and carefully chosen model number for every style of watch produced. The number tells the full story of the watch design from case to strap. The number system is simple, sensible and straightforward.

While there is no need to memorize their numbers, knowing how they work can help in both the research and verification process. Here is a translation of a popular Hublot model number 301.PB.131.RX:

  • The first three digits reveal the size, family and style. The 301 prefix indicates it is a 44mm Big Bang chronograph
  • The next two letters reveal the materials of the case. PB denotes that the case is 18kt rose gold with a black ceramic bezel
  • The next sequence is the dial, the number 131 shows it is a black carbon fiber dial
  • The final two letters are for the attachment or strap. RX represents a rubber strap

Knowing the right model number, and knowing how this system works enables accurate research as well as accurate watch identification. Ample research ahead of time and close scrutiny of watch and paperwork details during the buying process will serve any customer well.


Fake Hublot Watches

Now that we have covered how to spot a fake Hublot watch, you may be wondering how common of an occurrence counterfeit Hublot watches are.

Hublot’s repertoire includes sizes that range from 33mm to 48mm wide, case materials so uncommon you would only find them in a science lab, and dials and straps displaying all colors of the spectrum. Combined with this broad design palate is the fact that the brand often makes limited edition runs of watches in small quantities that are purposely rare and unusual.

Counterfeiters will take advantage of this: they will unfairly apply the good brand’s name to their colorful phony and call it a special edition. Fortunately, there are core models and guideposts to know that will enable a Hublot customer to carefully proceed and make sure what they are pursuing is true.


Where to buy authentic Hublot watches for the best price?

Ultimately to find true peace of mind when buying a Hublot watch know who you are buying from. Hublot boutiques and select authorized retailers can be found in key cities around the world. However, to get the best price we recommend shopping pre-owned Hublot watches, expertly authenticated at myGemma.

How to sell Hublot watches

At WP Diamonds, we buy your luxury watches directly and in as little as 24 hours. From Hublot to Rolex to Omega to Cartier, our experts are on hand to provide a price quote and an entirely free service. There are no fees or commissions deducted from your final offer.

As A+ BBB rated luxury buyers, we provide the option of selling via appointment (NYC, UK, Hong Kong and Tokyo) or online (free shipping and insurance).

Bio: John Salvin has worked in the Swiss watch industry since the early 1990’s and has worked for premier brands such as Omega, Rolex and Hublot. At WP Diamonds, John specializes in the commerce of all pre-owned luxury watch brands.

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