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How To Sell A Tiffany Ring

Whether you have been trying to sell the ring on your own with little success or are entirely new to the selling process, you may be wondering how to sell a Tiffany ring. After all, your ring can hold substantial emotional and monetary value, so you will want to sell to a buyer that is reputable, honest and convenient. Keep reading to discover how to sell a Tiffany ring for the best price in 4 easy steps.

Sell A Tiffany Ring

How To Sell A Tiffany Ring?

  1. Know the characteristics of your Tiffany ring
  2. Find a reputable Tiffany ring buyer
  3. Receive a price quote for your Tiffany ring
  4. Sell your Tiffany ring


sell tiffany ring


1. Know The Characteristics Of Your Tiffany Ring

To begin the selling process, you will need to have a basic understanding of the characteristic of your Tiffany ring. With this information you can inquire with buyers and receive genuine price quotes. You will need to be able to provide the following information which can typically be found on any paperwork you have or even on the Tiffany website:

  • Tiffany collection
  • Information on any gemstones or diamonds
  • Metal type


Tiffany Collection

Is your ring part of the: Tiffany T collection, Tiffany Atlas collection, Tiffany Etoile collection, Tiffany Infinity collection, Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, Tiffany Celebration collection …


Information On Any Gemstones Or Diamonds

Tiffany gemstone rings: It is helpful to provide the name and approximate carat weight of the gemstone.

Tiffany engagement rings or diamond rings: The 4 C’s are the globally accepted diamond grading criteria set by the Gemological Institute of America. Knowing the 4 C’s of the main stone in your ring will be important for receiving a price quote as the bulk of the value of your ring comes from the largest diamond. The 4 C’s of diamonds are:

  • Carat Weight: This denotes the carat weight of the diamond in your Tiffany ring. If you are selling an engagement ring, it is important that you know the carat weight of the ring’s center stone.
  • Color Grade: This refers to how much color a diamond possesses. Color is graded on a scale from D to Z, where D is colorless and Z is a light yellow. For white diamonds, grades as close to D as possible are desirable. Fancy colored diamonds, such as fancy pink or blue diamonds, are graded from Fancy Light to Fancy Vivid depending on the intensity of the stone’s color.
  • Cut Grade: This indicates how well cut and proportioned a diamond is from a scale of Excellent to Poor. When a diamond is well cut, light will be able to best enter the stone and maximize its sparkle. GIA’s official cut grades only apply to round cut diamonds, while fancy shapes, such as ovals and hearts, do not have official cut grades.
  • Clarity Grade: This denotes the amount of internal and external flaws in a diamond, referred to as inclusions and blemishes respectfully. Clarity is graded from FL for flawless to I3 for visibly flawed. While your diamond may seem flawless, potential imperfections can be seen under a loop.


Metal Type

A ring’s setting can be made in an array of metal types with the most popular being 18K white, yellow and rose gold.


Where To Find Information On Your Tiffany Ring?

There are several methods for getting the necessary information about your Tiffany ring:

  • Paperwork: If you have the original papers that came with the purchase of your Tiffany ring, you can reference it to obtain all the information you need about your ring.
  • Tiffany Website: If your ring was bought fairly recently, you can typically find the necessary information on your ring on their website.
  • Local jeweler: Your final option is to meet with a local jeweler who can give you a rough idea about the characteristics of your ring.


how to sell a tiffany ring


2. Find Reputable Tiffany Jewelry Buyers

The next step for selling a Tiffany ring is to find a reputable buyer. At WP Diamonds we provide the safest, fastest and easiest way to sell Tiffany jewelry. Whether you are selling diamonds, diamond jewelry, luxury watches or handbags, our staff have a rich understanding of the second-hand luxury jewelry market. We buy your items directly, with honest price quotes and no fees or commissions deducted.

Simply fill out our online form to receive a price quote and you can have money in your account in as little as 24 hours. Our free, professional service has earned us an A+ rating form the BBB and over one thousand customer reviews.


3. Get A Price Quote For Your Tiffany Ring

Complete our online form and our team will shortly get back to you with a bespoke price quote.

4. Sell Your Tiffany Ring

After you receive your price quote, you are ready to get a firm offer for your Tiffany pieces. We provide two fast, easy and free methods for getting your final offer.

Select the method that best suits you:

  • Send in your ring: We provide free, fully insured shipping to send your ring in for a final price. You will be notified of your ring’s safe arrival to our office the following business day where it will be opened on camera for your protection. Our Tiffany experts will then promptly examine and competitively price your ring. You can accept your offer and get paid, or have your ring returned to you.
  • Schedule an appointment: We host appointments in New York City, Hong Kong, Tokyo and throughout the UK. All of our offices are modern, comfortable and completely secure. During your 30-minute appointment, you will meet with one of our experts who will thoroughly evaluate your Tiffany ring and calculate a final offer. You can receive payment by cash, wire or check.

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