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How To Buy An Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring

March 22, 2021 - Diamond Articles

These days, more couples combine taking a happy step forward on their journey together with conscientiously protecting what already exists — the environment. One of the most important ways they do that is by opting for an eco-friendly engagement ring, and the eco-friendliest is a recycled diamond engagement ring.


Treat the earth well: It was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.
Native American Saying


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eco-friendly engagement ring


The Downside of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds must be mined, and diamond mining severely disrupts the environment. It harms the ecosystems of the countries where it is practiced – among them Angola, Australia, Canada, DRC, Russia, South Africa, and Sierra Leone. It increases greenhouse gas emissions. Other negative environmental impacts include:

  • Land disturbance: Approximately 1,750 tons of soil have to be extracted to find a 1.0 carat rough diamond
  • Carbon emissions
  • Waste including batteries and plastic
  • Water Depletion: approximately 126 fresh water gallons per carat and discharge of pollutants into water bodies
  • Loss of biodiversity

Diamond mining also has a human cost as the practice may involve poor working conditions. The diamond industry is working hard to address any unethical practices, however we believe that the best option is to opt for pre-owned engagement rings that are already in circulation.


The advantages of buying pre-owned engagement rings

Diamonds are renowned for their durability. A diamond may last a billion years — if, for instance, it is set in an engagement ring.

As such, a diamond engagement ring can be recycled repeatedly — by passing it on as an heirloom or reselling it, for example. A new wearer may require or desire a new setting, band, or size, but the diamond itself should last.

Other options besides recycled diamond rings exist, but they still take a toll.


sustainable diamond ring


What are the types of eco-friendly engagement rings?


The Winner: Recycled Diamonds Are The Earth’s Best Friend

“Will you marry me in an environmentally friendly way?” may not sound like the most romantic of proposals, but your kids — and their kids — will thank you for it.

When you agree to get engaged and then choose a recycled diamond engagement ring, virtually no harm is done to the environment. And not only do you reduce things on a one-to-one, individual level, you’re contributing to the reduction of demand for mining new diamonds in the world overall.

Simply put: by opting for recycled precious metals and recycled gold, you are buying the most ethical diamonds and most ethical engagement rings on the market.


In 2nd Place: Canadian Diamonds

Geologists discovered the availability of diamonds in Canada in the early 1990s, propelling a Canadian diamond rush. Today Canada insists that the country’s mines adhere to strict environmental standards, some of the most stringent in the world. And Canadian diamond mine proceeds go to mining companies rather than groups who profit from forced labor.

A great option for conflict free diamonds, there are some drawbacks however. Despite regulations, Canadian diamond mining still involves some eco disruption.


In 3rd Place: Lab-Grown Diamonds

Labs have produced diamonds for about two decades, but only fairly recently have those diamonds been considered jewelry-grade. The good news is that lab created diamonds are considered “conflict free” with a total impact somewhat less harmful than that of mined diamonds. The bad news is that a 2019 Trucost Report commissioned by the Diamond Producers Association found that lab-grown diamond production generates three times as many carbon emissions as does mining for naturally occurring diamonds.


How to Buy an Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring?

  1. Shop pre-owned engagement rings from a reputable seller
  2. Check the ring’s physical condition
  3. Make sure the diamond has been accurately and expertly evaluated

Celebrities With Recycled Engagement Rings

These earth-conscious celebrities have worn engagement rings with diamonds that were making a comeback.

  • Mary-Kate Olsen slipped a 1953 vintage Cartier ring onto her finger when she accepted her 2015 proposal.
  • Meghan Markel: Her engagement ring glitters with two recycled heirloom diamonds that once shone for Princess Diana.
  • Emmy Rossum wears a vintage round-cut diamond engagement ring from 1920s Paris.
  • Kate Middleton said “yes” to Prince William when he proposed with his late mother’s 18-carat ring.


sustainable and eco-friendly diamond ring


An eco-friendly engagement ring is truly the best way to minimize the impact on our environment. At WP Diamonds, we believe that the most environmentally responsible solution is to encourage the repurposing of diamonds. This helps to lower the demand and impact that diamond production has on our planet.

As such, we provide a secure and streamlined service that allows you to sell your diamond jewelry or fine jewelry (including designer wedding bands or wedding rings) back into the market.


How to sell eco-friendly engagement rings

The entire process can take as little as 24 hours and is backed by our A+ BBB rating and over 1,000 customer reviews. We provide honest price quotes and there are never any fees or commissions deducted from your final offer.

Our team of GIA trained gemologists are industry veterans with the necessary expertise to make strong offers for your eco-friendly engagement ring. We buy your eco-friendly engagement ring, luxury watches and handbags directly: no online listings or waiting for us to sell on your behalf.

  • Sell your eco-friendly engagement ring online: Complete the online form and our experts will be in touch with a bespoke price quote. We will then provide a free, fully insured shipping label to send your items in. You will be notified when they arrive the following business day and will receive a final price and get paid. There is never any cost or obligation to sell; if you refuse our offer, we return your items free of charge.
  • Sell your eco-friendly engagement ring via appointment: Appointments are available in NYC, Tokyo, Hong Kong and in the UK (London and Birmingham). These last 30 minutes long, during which time you will meet with our team of engagement ring experts, receive a final price and get paid.

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