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How To Buy A Used Luxury Watch

The pre-owned luxury watch market is booming in 2022 and with good reason. Swiss watch companies have mastered their craft and they have long-been making wristwatches that truly last. In this article we look at how to buy a used luxury watch for the best price.

How To Buy A Used Luxury Watch Online

When shopping for a used luxury watch online you will be rewarded if you do your research. The good news is that with some strategic online searches you can learn all about watch brands and their designs, watch models, materials and movements.


How To Buy A Used Luxury Watch?

  1. Research brands
  2. Choose size, shape and materials
  3. Understand watch movements
  4. Buy from a trusted used luxury watch seller
  5. Questions to ask


how to buy a used luxury watch


1. Research Brands

Search the dozens of respected Swiss luxury watch manufacturers and you will find a brand for you to focus on, one that suits you best. Recognize that each brand has embedded in their self-descriptions and product designs a message, even a promise, about who they are and what they are trying to build with their watch collections.

  • Cartier is founded within a high-jewelry tradition. But it also puts considerable attention to function as well as a devotion to creativity and design. This spirit reflects in their watches: while the Ballon Bleu is round and the Tank Francaise is rectangular, they both draw from the Cartier tradition of smooth, clean lines and bold, very legible, roman-numeral dials. Cartier watch designs also remain consistent through the years.
  • Rolex, as another example, embodies achievement, durability and quality. You can see this expressed in all of their watches: Explorer is designed to ascend a mountainside. Submariner is designed to descend to the bottom of the ocean. Datejust is designed to flawlessly withstand the tests of our everyday lives.
  • Breitling is a watch brand born creating watches for pilots. That is why their Chronomat and Navitimer models are built filled with intricate numbers and smaller dials. These features are all there to assist a pilot, or traveler, as they traverse the world.
  • Tag Heuer represents action, racing and sports.
  • Hublot is modern materials and iconoclastic designs and styles.
  • Piaget represents elegance, craftsmanship, thinness and gold.


2. Choose Size, Shape And Materials

Once you have found a brand to target you can search their offerings to find the sizes, shapes and materials that draw you in. The most common material used for luxury watches is high-grade stainless steel. But you can also find wristwatches made from precious metals like 18kt yellow and 18kt rose gold, even in combinations of these materials.


hhow to buy used luxury watches


3. Understand Watch Movements

An important consideration is the engine inside your watch. At the heart of each timepiece is a movement, often called a caliber. This is the micro-machine that drives the watch hands and keeps them running right on-time.

Options include:

  • Battery driven quartz movements
  • Fully mechanical but require you to wind them with your hand to run
  • Watches so sophisticated they are built with hundreds of moving gears, wheels, springs and other fine-tuned parts that work together to power the time with the motion of the wearer’s wrist


4.  Buy From A Trusted Used Luxury Watch Seller

When buying a pre-owned luxury watch it is important to buy a timepiece that has been expertly authenticated. At myGemma, browse a wide range of used luxury watches at up to 80% off retail.

Shop Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantine, Rolex Submariners, vintage watches, limited edition watches and much more.

5. Questions To Ask

Once you have found a watch you like, it is worth asking your pre-owned seller if the watch was recently and properly serviced.

No matter what movement is inside, all watches require periodic service from a watchmaker in order for them to last the decades and generations that are expected from them. When shopping for a pre-owned watch you should know the quality of the movement and expect your seller to be presenting a piece that has been recently serviced. This also serves to authenticate the watch fully both inside and out.

While the internet has established the freedom of researching on-the-go and at your pace, do not accept that this convenience restricts you from common-sense conversations with your online seller. Contact them and ask them the important questions about your next watch. This provides peace of mind about the item you are interested in and it also provides insight into the seller themselves, showing whether they know their trade and care about the watches they sell.


how to buy pre-owned luxury watches


Why Buy Used Luxury Watches

Swiss watches are unique in the luxury world. They are mechanical micro-engineering marvels and they have become a distinct departure from a modern marketplace overflowing with digital gadgets.

These fine watches command premium prices in their retail stores and boutiques. Savvy customers have discovered that the best path to a bargain is to buy one that is pre-owned.

After all, a new 2022 model wristwatch that is built to last several generations is not too different from a similarly well-built watch from 15 years ago that is essentially destined to last the same length of time.


How To Sell Used Luxury Watches?

WP Diamonds is a leading luxury watch buyer: established in 2012, we buy your watches directly and in as little as 24 hours. Simply fill our online form to receive your price quote from our experts.

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