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How To Find The Best Divorce Lawyer

August 18, 2017 - Relationship Articles
Divorce is not a process that anyone wishes to go through and it certainly is not one that you want to be lengthier than need be. However, when looking for the best divorce lawyer, it is so important not to rush the process and end up making the wrong choice. This isn’t to say you should takes months to decide, but make sure you have done your research before committing.

This article will address the following questions:



This depends on how complicated or “messy” you think your divorce could potentially become. If you and your partner have had discussions and are both on the same page, then hiring an attorney may not necessary. Instead, you can have a mediator who will help you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce. If for example you and your partner have children and are not looking for the same outcome, it is usually recommended to get a good lawyer to help to negotiate child support.



3 steps to choose the right divorce lawyer:

  1. Ask Around: While it is a good idea to look up divorce lawyers online, you should start by asking around. Don’t be afraid to ask close friends and family members for advice or recommendations. Perhaps you have friends or family members who practice family law and might know someone suitable. You may know someone who has filed for divorce in the past and can recommend an attorney.
  2. Check Their Online Reputation: Once you have a few names from trusted sources, look them up online and write down any information you can find out about the divorce lawyers that might shape your decision. Always check online reviews to see what past customers have said and what their track record is like.
  3. Meet In Person: Before you choose an attorney, set up preliminary phone calls and then a one on one meeting with an attorney. It is also key to make sure you have established your expectations before meeting up with potential divorce lawyers and write down any questions you want to ask them. Although it is not uncommon to switch to another divorce attorney if it does not work out, it saves money and stress by picking the right one in the first place!



These are the key aspects to think about when finding the right divorce lawyer:

  1. Trust

It is extremely important to feel comfortable around your divorce lawyer and most importantly, feel as though you can trust them entirely with any information. Bear in mind that your divorce lawyer is not your counselor, although you want to feel as though you can trust them, remember that time is money – the more time you spend discussing feelings, the more it is going to cost you!

If there are any signs that perhaps the lawyer has disclosed any information about prior clients or that their behavior seems unprofessional in any way, move on.

divorce lawyer

  1. Affordability

This by no means suggests that you should go as cheap as possible, but at the same time you do not want to end up paying fees that you cannot afford. Research how much divorce lawyers usually cost in your area and decide on a price range that you can comfortably commit to.


  1. Reputation

Choosing a divorce lawyer is a difficult process as you want the right person working on your case. Make sure to properly research a divorce lawyer before going with them. If prior clients have had a negative experience with them, you will want to know about it.

However, do not take one bad review at face value, make sure to weigh it up against any other positive reviews and make your own mind up. What one person values in a divorce lawyer will not be the same for everyone.



There is no standard price for a divorce lawyer as it can range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands. It depends on your location, whether you live in a rural location or a large city.

It also depends on how straightforward the divorce process is predicted to be. The only way to work out an average of what you should be paying is by researching how much other clients have paid in your area. Divorce statistics can offer further information on divorce prices and what the price factors are.



Divorces can be costly and so it is vital to financially prepare for it. Our article on how to survive financially after divorce will help you prepare to deal with the financial impact of divorce.

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