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Gifts to Buy Yourself That Symbolize Self-Love

August 17, 2017 - Relationship Articles
There are countless reasons why buying gifts for yourself will promote and reinforce self-love. Gifts are symbols, often of how we feel at the time of purchase. Treating yourself like you matter, acknowledging milestones with tangible reminders and spoiling yourself is a form of therapy. Treating yourself well leads to greater well-being. With greater well-being, you’re outwardly kinder, happier and more positive. This type of “treat yourself” mentality also shows that you’re not reliant on anyone but yourself for your happiness. So treat yourself and browse our list of gifts to buy yourself.


When to buy gifts for yourself

Sometimes, you might buy a gift for yourself to acknowledge your own accomplishments, or a challenge you’ve overcome, or to commemorate achieving a significant goal in life. Other times, you might buy a gift for yourself to celebrate a milestone, or to remember a special moment. If you’ve recently been through hard times and adversity, it can be quite healing to buy yourself a gift to both honor and show respect for your resiliency.


Gifts to buy yourself

But what types of gifts should you buy yourself that will promote this type of self-love, self-acknowledgement and self-respect? Luxury gifts, of course. I’m talking diamond jewelry, fancy watches and the like. We don’t buy luxury items every day, which is why it’s a memorable purchase that will be somewhat emotional and very symbolic. Because it wasn’t easy to be able to afford this lavish gift, it symbolizes your self-worth. You’re taking pride in yourself and showing that you have respect for yourself. You’re showing that you not only deserve the luxuries in life, but you also earned them.

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Diamond Gifts To Buy Yourself

Diamonds are the stone of invincibility, and they’re symbolic of longevity, perseverance and love. The symbolism of a diamond as a stone that lasts forever and survives adversity to sparkle on can represent your self-love enduring under stress. Your relationship with yourself will be a forever one, so why not celebrate it with the stone that represents ‘forever’?

Diamonds can also be an expression of your dazzling, radiant personality and your strength of character. Being able to buy yourself diamonds honors your level of success and financial independence, which is important especially if, in life, you tend to rely on no-one except for yourself. Because diamonds aren’t easy to acquire, it shows self-love and self-respect to buy them for yourself.

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Where to buy gifts for yourself

So, what exactly should you buy for yourself now that you’re convinced you need to treat yourself? For women, diamond stud earrings are a face-illuminating accessory that completes every look. You’ll always look put-together and stunning, so it will add to your confidence and general vibrance. It means more to wear these luxury statements you gifted yourself than if they reminded you of an ex boyfriend every time you put them on. And for the gentlemen out there, a luxury watch that symbolizes your accomplishments is a fantastic thing to look down on whenever you need to remind yourself that you’re absolutely killing it.

How to afford gifts

So, the big question becomes: how can you afford to buy a gift that symbolizes self-love? At WP Diamonds, we offer an upgrade program allowing you to sell your diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches and receive an additional 10% on your offer in the form of store credit. We have partnered with both local and online jewelers, giving you access to a wide variety of jewelry when you are looking to upgrade. To get started, click the button below to receive price quote on jewelry you would like to sell or trade in.

Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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