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The True Environmental Impact of Diamond Jewelry

What is the true environmental impact of diamond jewelry? With the trend of consumers making more conscious decisions with their purchases, comes the need for accurate information.

Environmental Impact of Diamond Jewelry

Whether you’re searching for an engagement ring, a special anniversary gift or just because, the diamond you select does matter. Below, we put together an analysis of the environmental impact of diamond jewelry. From recycled diamonds to lab-grown diamonds to mined diamonds – and how the diamond industry affects Mother Earth.

What Is The Environmental Impact Of Diamond Jewelry?

  1. Mined diamonds
  2. Lab-grown diamonds
  3. Recycled diamonds


environmental impact of diamond mining


Environmental Impact of Mined Diamonds

In order to obtain natural diamonds, they must be mined. Most diamond mining occurs in countries such as Angola, Australia, Botswana, Canada, DRC, Russia, South Africa and Sierra Leone. The mining process is extremely disruptive to the environment, resulting in the usage of precious natural resources, harming ecosystems and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Below are some of the negative environmental impacts of diamond jewelry when sourced via mining:

  • Land Disturbance: There are over 150 million carats of diamonds extracted from the Earth each year, causing large amounts of soil to be displaced for processing. Approximately 1,750 tons of soil has to be extracted to find a 1.0 carat rough diamond.
  • Energy Use and Emissions: Diamond mining uses electricity and hydrocarbons, such as diesel, marine gas, oil and petrol. A by-product of both electricity and hydrocarbon energy is the release of carbon emissions (CO2), which is a major contributor to global warming and climate change.
  • Waste: Diamond mine waste can include oil, paper, scrap metal, batteries, plastic and glass.
  • Depletion of Water :Water is necessary for mining, which depletes an already shrinking natural resource. A mined diamond also requires approximately 126 gallons of fresh water per carat, and as a result a discharge of wastewater and pollutants have been found in surface water bodies.
  • Loss of Biodiversity: When areas of land are cleared for a diamond mine, the surrounding ecosystem suffers as the native plants and animals are displaced. The destruction of habitat can potentially lead to the extinction of species who survive off of the disrupted land.

Some argue that the social impacts of mining are positive, providing the local community with employment opportunities. However, others argue that diamond mining has negative social impacts including poor working conditions.


lab grown diamonds


Environmental Impact of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds. Though chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds, they can be created in as little time as a few weeks. While conflict free, there are still environmental impacts. The energy required to provide enough heat and pressure to create a diamond in a lab is not insignificant.

According to a 2019 Trucost report commissioned by the Diamond Producers Association, on average, the production of lab-grown diamonds generates three times as many carbon emissions than mining for earth-grown diamonds. Though the report may not accurately depict the environmental costs associated with both lab-grown and mined diamond production (as the sample data covers earth mining from only 52% of global diamond production), there is no doubt that a significant amount of energy is used in each of these processes.

In 2019, the Federal Trade Commission also warned against deceptive marketing of lab-grown diamonds as “eco-friendly” or “sustainable,” stating that diamond companies should avoid those claims unless they are able to provide evidence.


recycled diamond jewelry


Environmental Impact Of Recycled Diamonds

When it comes to selecting an environmentally responsible diamond, recycled diamonds cause far less damage than earth-mined or lab-grown diamonds. In fact they have nearly zero environmental impact.

A diamond is one of the most durable substances on earth, and a single stone can be placed repeatedly in different settings over its lifetime, and show virtually no wear. By choosing a repurposed diamond, consumers reduce the demand for mining new diamonds.


How To Shop For Environmentally Friendly Diamond Jewelry?

Andrew Brown, CEO of WP Diamonds, says, “We fundamentally believe that there is a better and more eco-friendly way to shop luxury goods, including diamonds; and that is to shop pre-owned. Not only does this translate to better prices for our customers, but recycled diamonds contribute none of environmental damage caused by mining or even lab grown diamonds. Our goal is to bring quality, beautiful, recycled diamonds to our customers that they can feel good about.”

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Sell Diamond Jewelry: Recycle Diamonds Back Into The Market

Recycled diamonds are truly the best way to minimize the impact on our environment. At WP Diamonds, we believe that the most environmentally responsible solution is to encourage the repurposing of diamonds. This helps to lower the demand and impact that diamond production has on our planet.

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