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August 31, 2017 - Diamond Articles
Known for their unique art-deco look and geometric shape, emerald cut diamonds are an increasingly popular diamond cut. With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce opting for emerald cut diamond rings, this elegant yet classic diamond shape is on the rise. Looking to find out more about emerald cut diamonds? Our gemologists answer some of the most popular questions about these diamonds:



Not to be confused with the green gem, emerald cut diamonds are an increasingly popular diamond cut. With its signature step cut of the pavilion and large open table, the emerald cut can vary from a square to a more elongated rectangle. It is not your usual diamond that sparkles brightly when moved, but instead, it boasts an array of mirror-like effects. One of the drawbacks with emerald cut diamonds is that their larger facets show inclusions more prominently than other cuts. However, they do make an excellent cut for colored diamonds and gemstones as they reveal color well. They also tend to make a diamond look larger due to their larger table and more shallow depth.

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  1. GIA does not provide cut grades for emerald cut diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are considered fancy cuts and at the moment, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) does grade fancy cuts but does not provide cut grades.

  1. They do not sparkle as much as other diamond cuts

If you’re looking for a diamond that exhibits brilliance, emerald cut diamonds may not be for you. Unlike other diamonds such as round diamonds that are cut to heavily reflect light, emerald cuts only sparkle subtly.

  1. They are less expensive than round or princess diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds, while popular and in demand, are not as popular as round or princess cut diamonds. Round diamonds are still the most popular shape and therefore tend to be more expensive than emerald cuts.

  1. Color is more noticeable

When buying emerald cut diamonds, you’ll want to opt for a color grade higher than you normally would choose when purchasing other cuts. With the large facets of this cut, tints of yellow or brown may easily be noticed by the naked eye.

  1. Clarity grade is important

The step-like facets of an emerald cut produce mirror effects, making any internal or external blemishes more visible. Opting for a high quality clarity graded emerald cut will avoid accentuating any inclusions in your stone.

  1. Flattering diamond cut

If you’re looking to lengthen your finger’s appearance, then the emerald cut diamond is the perfect cut for you. With its elongated shape, it will create an illusion than your finger is just as slender as your diamond.



As its name would suggest, this cut was originally developed for emerald stones. These gemstones are notoriously fragile, so stone cutters developed this technique to counteract the breakage that they are prone to. Although its history dates back some 500 years, the term emerald cut only came about during the Art Deco era. The actual emerald cut took off in popularity in the 1940’s, and conveys a look reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

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Celebrities have been known to favor the extremely large emerald cut diamond engagement rings.

  • Kim Kardashian – Before Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian with a stunning cushion cut diamond, Kim had a large 16.5ct emerald cut engagement given to her by then-fiancé, Kris Humphries.
  • Beyonce –Jay-Z proposed to her with an 18ct flawless emerald cut engagement ring. The double band ring was by Lorraine Schwartz, an American jeweler.
  • Mariah Carey – This $2.5 million 17ct emerald cut diamond is hard to miss. With a pink center emerald cut diamond surrounded by a halo of 58 smaller diamonds, Mariah Carey’s engagement is truly unique.



Just like any other diamond, it is also important that you understand the 4 C’s of your diamond.

Color Grade: This refers to the presence or absence of yellow or brown tints in your diamond. The color grade ranges from D-Z, where D is colorless while Z is light yellow. Color is accentuated in an emerald cut diamond because of its large table. So it is advised that you buy one with at least a G grade.

Clarity Grade: This refers to any flaws or blemishes in your diamond. Inclusions are more noticeable to the naked eye in emerald cut diamonds. With its open facets, you will want to prioritize the clarity grade in order to buy a clean looking emerald diamond.

Carat Grade: Abbreviated to ct, carat weight refers the weight of your diamond. This affects not only how large your diamond looks, but also its price. As the carat weight increases, so does the value of your emerald cut diamond.

Cut Grade: Emerald cut is the shape of your stone while the cut grade is how evenly proportioned your diamond is. This determines the quality of your diamond so it is important that you avail the best cut grade you can afford when buying a step cut.

We always recommend buying an emerald cut diamond that comes with a GIA certificate.



There are multiple options for selling an emerald cut diamond. But which option best suits you?

  • Non-specialist diamond websites – eBay and Craigslist are among the popular sites to sell your items to. It exposes your diamonds to a bigger audience with photos and descriptions easily attached. However, despite this convenience, most people accidentally undersell their diamond, as they do not have the benefit of working with diamond experts. It can also take a considerable amount of time to find a buyer.
  • Pawnshop – This option is another quick way to exchange your diamonds for cash. However, once again with the absence of diamond experts, you are likely to sell your diamond for an underwhelming price.
  • Jewelers (on consignment) – While you can get a price closer to what was paid at retail when selling on consignment, this option is best for those who are not in a hurry to sell. Note that the jeweler will also charge a commission on the final price.
  • Auction House – Auction houses have diamond experts who can accurately value your emerald cut diamond for its secondhand market value. However, there is a chance that your stone might not sell and even if it does, auctions are not held frequently so it can take a long time. The house will also take a percentage of sale price.
  • Online Diamond Buyers – If you’re looking to sell your emerald cut diamond quickly and safely, WP Diamonds is here to help. If you are wondering “how much is my emerald cut diamond worth?”, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our GIA certified gemologists. We offer strong prices for emerald cut diamonds and are able to pay you in as little as 24 hours of filling out our online form. With an A+ BBB rating, we are the diamond experts and leading diamond buyers. Get a price quote for your emerald cut diamond today by clicking the button below.

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