Who Gets To Keep The Ring?

A state by state guide to the law as to who gets to keep the ring after a divorce or breakup

A 2017 WP Diamonds Report

WP Diamonds, a leading online buyer of diamonds, designer jewelry, luxury watches and handbags, is excited to share our state by state guide to who gets to keep the ring in a broken engagement ring or divorce.

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The laws as to who gets to keep the ring vary by circumstances and state.

As expert engagement ring buyers, we work with hundreds of divorced customers across the US on a daily basis looking to sell their diamond rings and jewelry. We spoke to a family law professional in each US state to see a state by state break down of who gets to keep the ring.


Who gets to keep the ring after divorce or once an engagement is broken?

While in some US states, engagement rings are considered conditional gifts, in others it is considered an unconditional gift. In some US states, the it will depend on if the wedding is called off and by whom. It may also depend on whether you live in a fault based divorce state, if you had a prenuptial agreement in place or if the ring was a family heirloom.

The bottom line is that we the information provided in this report should be used as a guideline. We always recommend seeking legal advice if you have any doubts about your rights when it comes to selling or returning the ring.


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Divorce Lawyers Explain The Law In Their State

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