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We know the meaning of a prized belonging. So we have committed to offering our clients transparency, accuracy and the fairest prices in our diamond-valuation process. Headquartered in New York City and with offices in the UK, Spain and Japan, WP Diamonds is one of the largest diamond buyer in the U.S and the world. We look forward to being of service.

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Our experts have bought and sold diamonds worldwide.

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We buy all diamonds from the best D color, internally flawless stones to the O+ colored broken diamonds in poor condition. Our team is uniquely placed to handle of your inquiries and give you the best possible answers to your questions. We give you solid independent advice when selling your diamond items.

Get The Fairest Prices

Our diamond valuation prices will be higher than those offered at traditional second-hand jewelry outlets. WP Diamonds was designed to allow the public to access significantly better prices than you would find at traditional outlets for selling second hand jewelry or loose diamonds.

Safety and Security

As one of the most trusted national diamond buyers, we examine your packages on video. WP Diamonds is a national diamond buyer. You can send your items to us with free insurance and free delivery from anywhere within the US. All you need to do is locate your local FedEx outlet and use the shipping label we provide. Any questions can be directed to our customer service team who will be glad to help. We open your packages on video and use Brinks Global Services to ensure that your diamonds and jewelry are protected.

The Right Buyer For You

WP Diamonds specializes in buying diamonds directly from the public. We have unrivaled knowledge of the second hand diamond sector. We are the largest recycled diamond buyer in the US that has a direct consumer sales channel. This gives us the unique ability to give you the best possible prices in the market place.

A long-standing business

It’s recommended that you find a diamond buyer that has invested in their business to the extent that you recognize, and that they are in the diamond buying industry for the long haul. You should be able to see who

they are funded by and how much investment they are making in their website and operations. WP Diamonds has offices on 5th Avenue New York, and has invested in offices and operations around the world in Spain, England, and Japan.

We’re The Experts

Diamond buying is a specialized field and only companies with access to the biggest diamond markets in the world are able to offer a comprehensive service with reliable and accurate valuations from GIA trained professionals.

Diamond Buyers Online

Diamond buyers online are a very good option for most individuals looking to sell diamonds or diamond jewlery. Often times they have access to a large network of contacts that in turn can help them sell the diamonds they buy. Some Online Diamond Buyers have access to the international diamond markets and have the latest pricing information. This can be crucial in returning the true market value for your diamonds. If an diamond buyer online has a physical location in addition to their online services it provides an extra layer of trust for you as a seller.

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Diamond Selling Guides

Diamond selling guides

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  • Become an expert on industry terms

There's more than just the four C's when it comes to
valuating diamonds. Learn the in's and out's of the
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selling your diamonds.

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The ultimate guide for insider details about the diamond industry. Know secrets only an expert could tell you.

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With over 150 years of experience accumulated in our valuation department we are uniquely placed in the second hand diamond market. Our process is unique and ensures that you get the best price for your diamonds or jewelry in as little time as possible.

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Our experts have bought and sold diamonds throughout the 5 continents.

Finding the right diamond buyer

Where you sell your diamonds is important. You want to sell to a trustworthy buyer who takes your privacy seriously. WP Diamonds is here to help you do just that.

Transparency and Honesty

It’s essential that the diamond buyer you choose adopts a methodical approach to diamond valuation using fair and methodical pricing. They should also be willing to tell you why they have come up with the initial valuation that they give you. The same principle applies when they see the item in person; they should tell you what the experts have concluded about the valuation and not try and hard-sell you a price you don’t want. They should be transparent about the dealings they have and the processes they use. Finally they should also be willing to share the credentials about the company.

Knowledge and Experience of the Market

It’s essential that a buyer knows the market and has strong connections in the market place. The second-hand diamond market for polished stones is a detailed and complex place. Buyers that have experienced professionals and an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace are best placed to offer the best prices. Experience goes hand in hand with trust. WP Diamonds has over 150 years of accumulated experience in valuation and many more in its market knowledge, employing some of the industry’s most experienced people.


Respected and trustworthy companies follow stringent processes in ensuring the safety and security of the customer’s diamond items. They should insure diamond items through respected and well funded companies, such as Brinks or Parcel Pro. They should also follow procedures such as opening packages from customers on video and have offices which have security measures, procedures, and trained staff.

Assessing Reputable Diamond Buyers

We make the selling process fast and easy. You get an instant offer and money transfers take only 24 to 48 hours. With our distribution network, we guarantee the best value.

Speed of Transaction

Reputable diamond buyers should be able to complete transactions rapidly, buying goods in under a week. You should be wary of organizations that string out negotiations and offers to customers. Tactics such as this reflect badly on the industry. Money transfers should take 24-48 hours and should be commissioned immediately. Also, you should find a buyer that respects the rights to customers property and never relieves customers of the right to decide what happens to their diamond jewelry.

Access to Good Prices and Distribution

A key ingredient in diamond transactions is the ability of the purchaser to offer top of the market prices. They can only do this if they have access to diamond markets and re-sell the diamonds they buy efficiently. WP Diamonds is headquartered in the diamond district of Manhattan, New York and has direct links to the diamond markets in the US through its business to business operations. We sell our diamonds back into the market, achieving top of the market prices which we pass on to our customers. The New York markets are highly liquid and produce the best prices, giving us a unique advantage.

Solidity and Solvency is important to you

Trade Affiliations

Most respected and trusted diamond buyers have affiliations with major industry bodies and associations. Associations help regulate the market and the activities of their members. Applying for affiliations includes hand over details of their company and ensures they have fixed premises from which they operate. WP Diamonds is a trusted member of the The Jewelers Board of Trade, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, and the National Pawnbrokers Association.

Liquidity and Solvency

Most large trusted buyers have access to significant capital and have the right resources to fund the diamond purchases it makes. WP Diamonds is part of White Pine Trading a company that traded over $75m of diamonds last year. White Pine is backed by respected a privately owned boutique investment bank with offices around the world. White Pine can complete transactions of all sizes, transferring money the same day.

You can also visit our Diamond Directory and our Diamond Glossary.


That’s why we use our insurers
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