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WP Diamonds is one of the leading online diamond buyers on the market. Established in 2012 to provide a modern alternative for selling diamonds and diamond jewelry. We have committed to offering our clients transparency, accuracy and the most competitive prices possible.

Sell online with our free and fully insured shipping service. There are no costs, fees or commissions deducted from your final offer. Headquartered in New York City, we also have offices and appointments available in the UK, Tokyo and Hong Kong. We are proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and hundreds of online customer reviews.

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We buy a wide range of diamonds, including:

  • Diamond designer jewelry: Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany etc.
  • White diamonds of 0.5ct+
  • Diamond jewelry including engagement rings
  • GIA certified fancy colored diamonds of 0.25ct+

Our team is uniquely placed to handle of your inquiries and give you the best possible answers to your questions. We give you solid independent advice when selling your diamond items.

Get The Fairest Prices

WP Diamonds was designed to allow the public to access significantly better prices than you would find at traditional outlets. Our diamond valuation experts are able to accurately price and value your diamonds.

Safety and Security

As one of the most trusted national diamond buyers, we examine your packages on video. WP Diamonds is a national diamond buyer. You can send your items to us with free insurance and free delivery from anywhere within the US. All you need to do is locate your local FedEx outlet and use the shipping label we provide.

Any questions can be directed to our customer service team who will be glad to help. We open your packages on video and use Brinks Global Services to ensure that your diamonds and jewelry are protected.

Online Diamond Buyers vs Local Diamond Buyers

Online diamond buyers have a clear advantage over local buyers. They benefit from access to a large network of contacts in the industry. This allows them to buy a more varied range of diamond goods.

Some online diamond buyers have access to the international diamond markets and have the latest pricing information. This can be crucial in returning the true market value for your diamonds. If an online diamond buyer online also has a physical location, this provides an extra layer of trust.

WP Diamonds specializes in buying diamonds directly from the public. We have unrivaled knowledge of the second hand diamond sector. We are the largest recycled diamond buyer in the US that has a direct consumer sales channel. This gives us the unique ability to give you the best possible prices in the market place.

Diamond buying and diamond grading is a highly specialized field. Our team of GIA trained gemologists have the expertise and experience required to make strong offers.

A long-standing business

We recommend that you find a diamond buyer that has invested in their business. You want to work with a buyer that is in the diamond buying industry for the long haul. You should be able to see who

they are funded by and how much investment they are making in their website and operations. WP Diamonds has offices on 5th Avenue New York, in Hong Kong, Tokyo and in the UK.

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Contact our experts today for a price quote or with any questions you may have. Schedule an appointment to sell your diamond jewelry to the diamond valuation experts. Our service is free of charge and there is never any obligation to sell.

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Our experts have bought and sold diamonds throughout the 5 continents.

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Diamond Selling Guides

Diamond selling guides

  • Learn the value of a diamond certificate
  • Learn the step by step valuation process
  • Become an expert on industry terms

There's more than just the four C's when it comes to
valuating diamonds. Learn the in's and out's of the
valuation process and what you need to know before
selling your diamonds.

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The ultimate guide for insider details about the diamond industry. Know secrets only an expert could tell you.

Assessing Reputable Online Diamond Buyers

We make the selling process fast and easy. We provide honest price quotes and the entire process can take as little as 24 hours.

Speed of Transaction

Reputable diamond buyers should be able to complete transactions rapidly, buying goods in a matter of days. You should be wary of organizations that string out negotiations and offers to customers. Tactics such as this reflect badly on the industry. Wires should take 24-48 hours and should be commissioned immediately.

Access to Good Prices and Distribution

A key ingredient in diamond transactions is the ability of the purchaser to offer top of the market prices. They can only do this if they have access to diamond markets and re-sell the diamonds they buy efficiently.

WP Diamonds is headquartered in the diamond district of Manhattan, New York. We have direct links to the diamond markets in the US through our business to business operations. We sell our diamonds back into the market, achieving top of the market prices which we pass on to our customers. The New York markets are highly liquid and produce the best prices, giving us a unique advantage.


That’s why we use our insurers
and Brinks to transport your diamonds. We provide
you with a free, fully insured FedEx overnight label
and open your packages on video to make sure that
your diamonds, and you, are protected.

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