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Pricing yellow diamonds is a complex and nuanced process that requires specialist knowledge. Our GIA trained gemologists are colored diamonds experts with unparalleled experience in buying yellow diamonds (also known as Canary yellow diamonds). We offer free price quotes and can answer any questions you may have on your diamond. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, our process is highly secure, professional and seamless.

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Best Way To Sell A Yellow Diamond

Whether you are looking to sell a loose yellow diamond, a yellow diamond ring, yellow diamond earrings or any other type of fancy colored jewelry, WP Diamonds is here to help. Click on one of our tips for selling yellow diamonds for more information.

How To Sell A Yellow Diamond Online

When selling to a trustworthy and reputable diamond buyer, the process is simple and can take as little as a day or two. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Fill out the online form with the information on your GIA report
  2. Receive an initial price range
  3. Receive a free and fully insured FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping Label and ship your yellow diamond
  4. Receive a final price
  5. Get paid

How Much Is My Yellow Diamond Worth?

The value of your yellow diamonds is based on a multitude of factors. Some of the most important ones include: color, carat weight, clarity, shape and fluorescence.



Colored diamonds range in color from Faint to Fancy Vivid. Unlike white diamonds, the more color in your fancy colored stone, the more valuable it is. Therefore the more intense and vivid the yellow, the more the diamond is worth.

Color is made up of 3 components: hue, saturation and tone.

yellow diamond color



Carat weight, abbreviated to ct, plays a crucial role in the value of your yellow diamond. The higher the carat weight (and therefore size of your stone), the more valuable it is.



Clarity grades range from FL (flawless) – I3 (included). It refers to the presence or absence of flaws or blemishes in your diamond. Flaws are internal imperfections, blemishes are external imperfections. There are a wide range of possible imperfections, some of the most common ones are:

– Feather: small crack in the diamond

– Crystal: mineral in the diamond

– Pinpoint: tiny crystals



Some shapes are more desirable than others. Rounds, pear shapes and ovals are more valuable than a radiant, in fancy colors, for example.



Fluorescence can actually impact the value of a colored diamond, particularly the more expensive ones, by more than it does with a white diamond as it can make the color look lighter than it really is.

Where To Sell A Yellow Diamond

You have a variety of options available to you, but its important to assess which is the best fit for you. Below we have listed the pros and cons of each diamond selling option.


Options Pros Cons
Reputable Online Diamond Buyers Quick. Safe. Diamond Experts. Free and insured mailing service provided. Appointments are available in limited locations.
Auction Houses Can achieve strong prices. Low reserve typically required, so risk you sell there and too cheaply. Sale not guaranteed (if reserve not even me). Long process as most auctions are quarterly. Photography and sales commissions involved.
Private buyer Can achieve strong prices. Long process. Risks involved in selling high value items face to face. How do you find them?
Jewelers Convenient, local option. Most don’t buy back to hold in inventory.   Might buy to flip. No guarantee of sale.
Pawnshop Convenient, local option. Low prices as they typically flip any purchases.

How To Find The Best Yellow Diamond Buyer

The key is to do your research. Use the following check list to assess whether a particular diamond buyer is a good option:

  • Are they BBB accredited?
  • Do they have good independent online reviews from previous customers?
  • Do they have a physical location where you can meet their experts?
  • Do they have global purchasing capabilities?
  • Are their gemologists GIA trained?
  • Are they fancy colored diamond specialists?


At WP Diamonds we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and seamless service. Our gemologists are all GIA trained and colored diamond experts with decades of experience. Appointments are available in New York and we also offer a free and fully insured overnight FedEx shipping service. Meaning that you can sell your yellow diamonds from anywhere in the USA in as little as 48 hours. We also are able to buy GIA certified yellow diamonds internationally.


Just like your fancy colored diamonds, our process is unique. We want to give
you the most accurate price. We ask that you fill out an initial
valuation form or call 646-758-0270. Call from 9am-5.30pm EST, Mon-Fri.


Complete our online
valuation form


Receive your initial valuation
by phone or email


Ship us your items fully insured
via FedEx at no charge
or make an appointment


A member of our team will
contact you with a full
valuation and offer


If you accept, payment can be
received within 24 hours

Why Are Diamonds Yellow?

The most popular of colored stones, yellow diamonds represent more than half of all fancy colored diamonds naturally produced. Also referred to as Canary diamonds, their color is due to the presence of nitrogen in the stone. This absorbs blue light and creates the color yellow.

What Types Of Yellow Diamonds Can You Sell?

We purchase yellow diamonds of:

  • 5ct and larger
  • Fancy light or better
  • Must be Natural colored diamonds
  • Fancy greenish yellow diamonds also

Fancy Greenish Yellow Diamonds

Some colored diamonds contain more than one color. When this is the case, the last color is the primary color, and the first color is the modifier.Fancy Greenish Yellow Diamonds


Fancy greenish yellow diamonds are an example of this. The green modifier adds to the value of your yellow stone, as green is a rarer color than yellow

Our Global Footprint Guarantees Access To Live Pricing

WP Diamonds is a division of White Pine Trading LLC, an established diamond trading company with a global footprint and stellar reputation. We work with customers of all sizes, including private customers, individual dealers as well as large corporations. Our size gives us access to live price changes for colored diamonds, allowing us to pay you competitive prices for your yellow diamond. We are proud members of the major trade bodies in the industry and run our business to the highest ethical standards.