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Download our Free Diamond Carat Size Chart to see how diamonds of different shapes and different carat weights look from the top down. Print the chart to compare your diamond and see what carat weight it is.

Value of Diamonds

The price of diamonds fluctuates greatly depending on carat size. Our diamond weight calculator will provide information about your item that will help determine its diamond price and diamond value. WP Diamonds will not be able to rely exclusively on the data you provide when we make our final offer, but it will give us an approximation of carat weight which we can use in our estimate calculations.


Our Diamond Weight Calculator

Use the diamond weight calculator to provide WP Diamonds with information about the carat weight of your diamond. To establish the weight of your diamond:

1. Measure the length, width and height of your diamond in mm

2. Enter the measurements in our diamond calculator

3. Find out the carat weight of your diamond

If you have doubts about the information you currently have or you are missing this information about your diamond. Call our team with any questions you may have.

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