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Many jewelers speculate that violet diamonds are the rarest type of colored diamonds. When trace amounts of hydrogen are present in a diamond during its formation, a violet color arises. Hailing almost exclusively from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia, violet diamonds are so rare that they are almost never found in sizes over 1 carat. WP Diamonds is a BBB A+-rated, international buyer that offers an easy, convenient service for selling your violet diamond. Fill out the online form and one of our colored diamond experts will be in touch shortly with an initial price.

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Best Way To Sell A Violet Diamond

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How Do I Sell My Violet Diamond?

If you are ready to part with your violet diamond and would like to receive payment for it in as little as 24 hours, the following four steps will ensure a secure, seamless selling process:

  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. Receive an initial price offer.
  3. Make an in-person appointment or mail in your violet diamond via free, fully insured FedEx overnight priority mail.
  4. Receive your final offer and get paid.

How Much Is My Violet Diamond Worth?

As you embark on the selling process, the first question that may arise is: How much is my violet diamond worth? Below are the factors that have the largest impact on your violet diamond’s value:

Attribute Effect on Price
Color Color has the greatest effect on your violet diamond’s value. The more intense the color of your diamond, the more it is worth.
Cut A diamond’s cut can alter the way a diamond reflects light, maximizing a diamond’s color intensity and making it more visually appealing.  A good cut will increase the worth of your violet diamond.
Clarity Diamonds are graded based on their clarity, or how flawless they are. The more inclusions (flaws within the diamond) and blemishes (flaws on the surface of the diamond), the lower the diamond’s value. The more flawless your violet diamond, the more prized it is.
Carat Weight The greater the carat weight of your diamond, the more it will be worth on the market. As carat weight increases, price-per-carat increases dramatically.
Market Conditions While violet diamonds are always valuable, certain market conditions will affect their worth. If your type of diamond is in demand on the market at the time of sale, it will fetch a high price.

Analyzing Color

What makes violet diamonds so unique is their rare color. Though violet diamonds may be somewhat similar in appearance to purple or blue diamonds, they are distinguished from purple and blue diamonds by the manner in which they form. While purple diamonds are the result of a deformation in the diamond’s structure and blue diamonds are the result of the presence of boron within, violet diamonds stem from trace amounts of hydrogen in the diamond’s crystal lattice structure.

Violet diamonds often exhibit a noticeable gray or blue hue. If your violet diamond exhibits a secondary hue, it may be given a slightly different label. For example, if your violet diamond exhibits hues of gray, it could be labelled a:

  • “Grayish violet” diamond – exhibits some gray color but is primarily violet (ie. 25% gray and 75% violet)
  • “Gray violet” diamond – exhibits more gray color but is still mostly violet (ie. 40% gray and 60% violet)

When describing a violet diamond, the first adjective (in the above examples grayish or gray) is called the modifier and violet is called the primary color. It is very common for violet diamonds to appear with modifying colors. The more pure your violet diamond color, the more valuable your violet diamond is.

Where Can I Sell My Violet Diamond?

There are various options to choose from when deciding where to sell your colored diamond. Some of the most popular selling options for violet diamonds include:

Selling Option Pros Cons
Online Auction House Convenient process. No guarantee of sale. There are extra fees and costs. Lengthy process. Reserve may be set low and diamond could be purchased for a much lower price than expected.
Jeweler on Consignment May be able to fetch a good price by reaching a targeted audience of consumers. The jeweler likely will not specialize in fancy colored diamonds and may undervalue your good. Lengthy process. Fees involved. Many jewelers will struggle to sell such an expensive diamond.
Pawnshop Quick sale Due to lack of expertise, a pawnshop owner may not price your item accurately. Pawnshop owners are not prepared to price your item competitively, as they are likely looking to turn your diamond around for a quick profit by selling to a specialized, colored diamond buyer.
Online Expert Buyer Easy process. Colored diamond experts like those at WP Diamonds will accurately assess and price your violet diamond. Guaranteed sale and payment in as little as 24 hours. There can be limited appointment locations available.


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What Types of Violet Diamonds Does WP Diamonds Buy?

As a division of the largest recycled diamond buyer in the US and Europe, WP Diamonds can offer more money for your violet diamonds than a local jeweler or small pawnshop. We offer a quick, secure way to sell your diamonds online for free. WP Diamonds accepts the following violet diamonds:

  • 0.20 carats or more
  • Natural violet color (or with a gray or blue modifier, e.g. grayish violet or blue violet)
  • WP Diamonds accepts both GIA-certified and non-certified violet diamonds

International Size and Scope

WP Diamonds is a division of White Pine Trading LLC, a leading diamond trading company with an international footprint and outstanding reputation. Our size and scope give us access to current price changes for colored diamonds. Access to live pricing means we can pay all of our customers, from private clients and dealers to large businesses, highly competitive prices for their violet diamonds. We are honored to be members of the established trade groups in the industry and run our business with the highest ethical principles in mind.