Second Hand Diamond Prices vs Retail

You will always get fair valuations from WP Diamonds, with its GIA qualified diamond valuation team. We are specialists in diamonds and at WP Diamonds we will purchase diamond jewelry (whether or not it has a diamond grading certificate or insurance appraisal) or loose diamonds of all shapes, sizes, colors.

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Used Diamond Prices vs Retail Prices

What Is My Diamond Jewelry Worth Now?

The simple answer is not what it was bought for – when you sell diamond rings or jewelry, they generally fetch between 20% – 50% (sometimes more with GIA certified diamonds) of the original retail price (unless it was bought a long time ago).

Why Such A Big Difference?

The retail price of diamond jewelry is often more than double the wholesale price in the market (retailers have large overheads, premises, staff, marketing costs, credit card fees –don’’t be hard on them!). Retailers have bought from jewelry manufacturers who have to add on their mark-up. Sales tax is added to all retailed goods, it can be as high as 10% in the US.

Damaged Diamonds

Diamonds can suffer damage. Yes, diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man, but they get chipped and abraded, particularly if worn everyday. Certification and guarantees cost money and are not applicable on sale.

With offices all around the world, WP Diamonds knows the second hand diamond market. As a division of largest recycled diamond buyer in the US and Europe, we can offer more money for your diamonds, jewelry, and watches than a jewelry shop or pawn broker.

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You Will Always Get More From WP Diamonds

We’re a company that takes the grading and appraisal process seriously. Our experts know how to get the most for your second hand diamond, and the difference in the price market.

An Example

If you buy a diamond engagement ring for $2,000, pre sales tax the price a little more than $1800. The wholesale value will be less than $900. If you sell the ring the purchase price is likely to be around $550-$600 following an expert diamond valuation. The diamond may be worth less if there is damage or the original mark-up by the retailer was greater.

The Good News

However, the good news is that by selling to a company which properly grades and values diamonds, you will maximize your ability to recover as much of the original cost as possible. You will always get more from WP Diamonds, with its GIA qualified diamond valuation team, than you will get from a gold buyer who is not able to grade and value the diamonds.

What We Buy

Unfortunately we can’t accept jewelry with a second hand purchase price less than $500 because of the costs involved with completing  a transaction, such as insurance and delivery. We would be happy to offer on multiple pieces of diamond jewelry which exceed this limit.

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With over 150 years of cumulative experience in the diamond industry, our experts specialize in second hand diamonds, metal assessment, and market assessment. Our simple process ensures that you get the best price for your diamonds or jewelry, quickly and simply.

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