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Sell red diamonds to the experts with our secure, trustworthy and free service that can take as little as 24 hours from start to finish. Established in 2012, WP Diamonds is a leading online diamond buyer with offices in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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Where to sell red diamonds

Selling Options Pros Cons
WP Diamonds Sell in as little as 24 hours to GIA trained gemologist buyers: convenient, safe process and strong prices. Sell online or in person: in person appointments are limited to the US, UK, Japan and Hong Kong.
Auction House  Fancy colored diamonds: this selling option can achieve strong prices. Finding the right auction house can be difficult, selling process can be lengthy and the auction house will take a percentage of final price.
Pawnshop A local and fast option for selling diamonds. Low offers as they are not specialists in fancy colored diamonds.
Consignment Can achieve high returns if given enough time. Lengthy selling process, sellers are often not knowledgeable about fancy colored diamonds.

How Much Is My Red Diamond Worth?

The following factors determine how much your red diamond is worth:


Color: The color of your diamond is assessed using three attributes:

  • Hue refers to the diamond’s color: whether red, yellow, pink, etc. Red diamonds often exhibit a purplish or brownish hue, or the red appears as a reddish brown or reddish orange color. While these diamonds are still valuable, red diamonds with the presence of no other hues are the rarest colored diamonds, and thus the most valuable.
  • Tone refers to the lightness or darkness of the diamond’s color.
  • Saturation refers to the strength or weakness of the color.

Pure red diamonds only exist in the highest saturation and darkest tone, fancy red. Fancy red diamonds fetch the highest prices on the market. Red diamonds with less saturation or a lighter tone are considered pink, reddish brown, or another hue.

Carat: Typically, the greater the carat weight of your diamond, the more it is worth. Most red diamonds are less than half a carat in size.

Cut: Different cuts can maximize the intensity of a color and can alter your diamond’s value.

Clarity: The fewer inclusions on your diamond, the higher its value.

Market Conditions: If the shape and proportions of your stone are in high demand on the current market, you will fetch a higher price.

What Types Of Red Diamonds Can You Sell?

In order for your red diamond to be considered by WP Diamonds, it must meet the following criteria:

  • 0.20 carats +
  • GIA certified
  • Fancy light or better

How To Find The Best Red Diamond Buyer

Following the guidelines below to find experienced red diamond buyers:

  1. Do your research: Read the buyer’s online reviews and be sure customers have had positive experiences in the past.
  2. BBB Accreditation: Choose a BBB accredited buyer and look at their rating and past history.
  3. Check Security Information: Will the buyer insure your diamonds? How does the company ensure your item’s safety?
  4. In-Person Appointment: Be sure that they offer the option of selling in person.