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At WP Diamonds, we provide a modern solution to selling diamond jewelry quickly, safely and easily. From engagement rings to diamond earrings, we always work to get you the best prices on all of your jewelry.

With our team of industry experts and A+ BBB accredited service, selling diamond jewelry has never been easier or more profitable. The entire process can take as little as 24 hours, with no costs, fees or commissions deducted from your final offer. Sell diamond jewelry online or in-person to the experts by clicking the button below.

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If this is your first time looking to sell diamond jewelry, you will likely have some questions. Click on a question below to get answers:

How to sell diamond jewelry online?

How much is my diamond jewelry worth?

Where to sell diamond jewelry?

How to sell diamond jewelry in-person?

What types of jewelry can I sell?

How to sell diamond jewelry online

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How much is my diamond jewelry worth?

There is no one set price for diamond jewelry. Accurately pricing diamond jewelry is a complex process that is best done by experienced gemologists. It requires a rich understanding of both diamond grading and the second-hand luxury market.

Below are some of the main factors that influence your diamond’s value:

  • Quality of the diamond: The 4 C’s of diamond grading help determine the quality of the stone: carat weight, color grade, cut grade and clarity grade. If you have a diamond certificate, for example the GIA report, these will be listed here.
  • Certificates: The official paperwork (diamond certificate or diamond appraisal) that came with your diamond jewelry when purchased. A report from a respected diamond grading lab, such as the GIA, will increase your offer.
  • Brand: The brand of your jewelry determines what return percentage you will receive. Luxury jewelry brands hold more value on the second-hand market compared to non-branded jewelry.
  • Condition: The condition of your jewelry can affect your price. If there are chipped or missing diamonds or any other significant damage this will be factored into the price.
  • Second-hand market: The market demand for your jewelry will affect your offer. If your jewelry’s brand or style is trending this will have a positive impact on your price.

It is important to note that the price paid at purchase and the second-hand price are not the same. The second-hand price will not take into account the markup the jeweler put on the ring.

Where to sell diamond jewelry

No matter where you are located, WP Diamonds is your best option for selling diamond jewelry. As international diamond buyers with a team of highly skilled GIA trained gemologists, we are the diamond experts.

Local buyers such as pawn shops or jewelry stores may only have access to a limited market. WP Diamonds has access to the global market. This allows us to provide you with competitive cash offers.

With offices in the US, the UK,  Japan and Hong Kong, we are truly a global company. We offer in person appointments as well as the option to sell online. Our free and fully insured shipping service allows us to work with customers from around the world.

Selling with WP Diamonds is always a free, simple and fast process that can take as little as 24 hours. We buy your jewelry outright, and you can receive full payment by wire or check. There are no fees or commissions deducted from your offer.

How to sell diamond jewelry in person

Sell your jewelry at of our comfortable and secure offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and in the UK:

  1. Schedule an appointment at one of our modern offices.
  2. Bring your jewelry, as well as any boxes, paperwork and diamond certificates (if you have them) and ID.
  3. Meet with one of our experts who will evaluate and price your jewelry.
  4. Accept payment by cash, check, wire or store credit for 10% more on your offer.

Appointments typically last half an hour. We never use any high-pressure sales tactics and appointments are always free.


Selling diamonds NYC

Rather than brave the hustle and bustle of the diamond district, why not sell to a leading NYC diamond buyer? Our modern and professional New York headquarters are located at 535 Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Schedule an appointment Monday – Friday and meet with our GIA trained gemologists for a final price. Appointments are free or charge, there are no high pressure sales techniques and there is never any obligation to sell.

What types of diamond jewelry can I sell?

Some diamond buyers specialize in specific diamond jewelry. However, WP Diamonds’ global presence allows us to offer on a wide range of diamond jewelry:

  WP Diamonds Purchases WP Diamonds Does Not Purchase
Designer Jewelry   We buy diamond jewelry of any carat weight from luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier and Bulgari We do not buy unbranded diamond jewelry that weighs less than 0.5 carats
Engagement Rings We buy engagement rings with at least one stone of 0.5 carats or larger Engagement rings with black diamonds, brown diamonds or no diamonds larger than 0.5ct
Diamond Jewelry We buy tennis bracelets, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and diamond rings Lab grown diamond jewelry, Cubic Zirconia jewelry or any other diamond simulant
Certification We buy both certified and uncertified diamond jewelry, as well as loose diamonds Jewelry with conflict diamonds

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Our GIA trained gemologists have over 150 years of combined experience in the diamond industry. We are experts in engagement ring valuation, metal assessment and market conditions. Our process is unique and ensures that you get the best price possible for your engagement ring, quickly and stress free.

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