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WP Diamonds specializes in purchasing diamond rings, we buy more diamond rings than any other jewelry item. When looking to sell your diamond ring, often pawnbrokers, local jewelers, or some online buyers often will not have the necessary experience or market knowledge to offer a fair price. Looking for a trusted source where to sell your valuable ring? Selling your diamond ring to an industry leader with over 150 years of combined experience from expert valuators is the best choice.

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Sell diamond rings, any style purchased, cash advanced usually within 24 hours from accepting our offer

We Buy All Types Of Rings

Diamond Ring Appraisal

We routinely buy diamond rings routinely of all styles. Engagement rings are the most commonly sold type of diamond rings online. It’s mostly because they have a larger original purchase price and therefore, a larger second hand value.

We are buyers that specialize in engagement rings, wedding rings, solitaire rings, multi-stone rings, eternity rings, and designer rings.

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The Fairest Prices


Selling diamond rings online to a company like WP Diamonds allows you to send your item/s to a central team with years of experience in the international diamond industry. WP Diamonds is one of

the worlds largest diamond recyclers, with operations across the USA , Europe and Asia, which means we can pass on the advantages of our size and knowledge in the form of better customer service and a higher price.

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Maximum Value


Sell your diamond ring to WP Diamonds, and realize the maximum value from your asset. We handle thousands of inquiries from customers each month about how to sell their diamond ring. One of the first

questions we hear is, ‘How much is my diamond ring worth?’ This depends on many factors. Fill out our form, or make an appointment with one of our specialists who will provide you with a fair and accurate price.

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Our Customers Speak Volumes

Office Background

We buy and sell diamonds day-in day-out, and by using our expertise to value each diamond individually, we can offer the most accurate price in the marketplace. Our size and credentials mean you can have peace of mind when

selling your diamond rings online. Read our customer reviews on our Google + page to understand why so many individuals confidently turn to us in their search for where to find the best place to sell their valuables.

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Our Diamond Ring Valuation Process

Selling your diamond jewelry to a company that accurately grades and values diamonds will maximize the return you get for your item. WP Diamonds does just that. Our process allows our team of experts to pay you the most cash for your diamond jewelry.

When you sell a diamond ring to a trusted buyer such as WP Diamonds, you will be able to realize the maximum value from your asset.

We handle thousands of inquiries each month from customers asking what the best way to sell a diamond ring is. The most common question we hear is, ‘How much for my diamond can I expect to get?’ This depends on a number of factors which you can find below.


Detailed Diamond Ring Appraisal

Our highly trained team will take the details you provide online, including weight (carat), condition, shape, clarity, color, fluorescence, and cut grade, and provide you with an initial valuation of your ring. These are some of the 25 factors that affect how much your diamond is worth. If you have a certificate you can send it to: or upload it when you complete our online form.



We will combine the diamond price with the price of the gold or platinum that your ring is set in and include that in your initial valuation.



After speaking with one of our experts to discuss the sale, you can send your diamond ring to our New York headquarters using our free and insured FedEx service. We also offer in-person appointments in New York, Los Angeles or Dallas.


Expert Valuation of your ring

Once we receive your ring, we perform a detailed diamond appraisal and factor in market conditions and prices to provide you with the best possible price. Our team of experts has a far greater knowledge than many jewelers and diamond dealers. It’s in our best interest to provide you with a highly competitive price, to uphold our esteemed worldwide reputation.


Fast Payment

If you accept our offer (typically we initiate the payment before 4pm EST), you will receive the money the next day.

We Buy Certified and Non-Certified Rings Nationwide

We’re one of the few companies that buys certified and non-certified diamonds of any shape, size, color, or clarity. With our free overnight shipping service, it costs you nothing to sell your ring.

Certified Rings

Diamond rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes and can be accompanied by certificates from gemological laboratories such as GIA, EGL USA or IGI. Having a certificate makes it easier for us to give a more accurate initial value on your ring, as most of the information has been certified by professionals (although the quality of grading can vary).

Non-certified Rings

WP Diamonds also buys non-certified rings and we are one of the very few companies in the world that will buy all diamonds of any color and clarity, in any condition, as long as they are over 0.50ct for round diamonds and over 0.75ct for fancy shapes.

Sell My Diamond Ring from Anywhere

Where can I sell my diamond ring? You can securely and conveniently sell your diamond ring from anywhere in the world. all major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Miami, Dallas, Washington, Orlando and all national locations as we use a fully reliable, insured, free We rely on trustworthy and fully insured overnight shipping services operated by FedEx and Brinks.

How it Works

Just like your diamonds, our process is unique. To help us give you the most accurate price for your diamond ring, we ask you fill out an initial valuation form. It’s simple and easy. Remember, the more information you provide, the more accurate your initial valuation with be. Once you securely ship your diamond, a complete valuation can be performed. If you decide not to accept our offer, we send your items back to you, fully insured and for free, within three working days.


Complete our online
valuation form


Receive your initial valuation
by phone or email


Ship us your items fully insured
via FedEx at no charge
or make an appointment


A member of our team will
contact you with a full
valuation and offer


If you accept, payment can be
received within 24 hours

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