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Declutter Your Life – Starting With Your Jewelry Box

There are many benefits to decluttering. Not only does it create space, it can help declutter your mind and help you make some extra cash as well.

Declutter Your Life

If you are ready to take the first steps and start decluttering your life, you may be wondering how and where to start. Our experts discuss the benefits of decluttering and how to take practical steps.


What Are The Benefits Of Decluttering?

  • Creates space: There is no need to hold onto anything unless it is frequently used or holds immense sentimental value. By getting rid of items that you do not need, you can create space for things you actually do need. Something as simple as trying to declutter a closet can create more space also helps simplify your everyday life.
  • Make money: If you have valuable items that are just sitting in a drawer gathering dust, selling them will benefit you financially.
  • Headspace: There is evidence that decluttering your life is beneficial for your mind as well. Less clutter enables you to think more clearly and feel calmer.

how to start decluttering

How To Declutter?

Ready to live a clutter free life? Our top decluttering tips are the following:

1. Make time: The first step to decluttering your home and life is to make the time to do so. Sorting through your belongings, organizing and getting rid of unnecessary items takes time and energy. Find a quiet weekend or dedicate a little time every day after work to sort through your possessions and organizing your home.

This is not something that can be rushed. Whether you start with the laundry room or living room or even just the medicine cabinet, the important thing is to make a start.

2. Be organized: You may want to go through each room in your home with a trash bag, but take baby steps and start with one room at a time. It might be best to just take some time out of everyday for a week or so to do this.

Go through your drawers and create piles:

a) Things you use and love

b) Things you will use in the next 3-6 months (set an alarm on your phone, if you have not used these items, it’s time to say goodbye to them)

c) Items that hold sentimental value, such as items you have inherited that you cannot bear to part with

d) Stuff you don’t use and want to get rid of

Once you have done this, you can put items from 1, 2 and 3 away. This also gives you an opportunity to clean your home, while everything is out of its usual place. Then decide which items from pile 4 need to be discarded, and which can be passed on or sold.

3. Start with something small: If you start with something small, it will be less overwhelming and intimidating for you than trying declutter your kitchen overnight. A good place to start is by decluttering your jewelry box, before moving onto larger areas such as your wardrobe.

4. Be ruthless: There is no point in having a declutter if you hold onto 99% of your belongings. If you don’t need it or it doesn’t make you feel something, get rid of it. To declutter and organize effectively, be prepared to make quick decisions.

tips to declutter

How To Declutter Your Jewelry Box?

Your jewelry box is a great place to start decluttering. What is the point in holding on to high value items that you no longer wear or love? Go through each item one by one. Put back items that you wear regularly and still love, as well as jewelry that you wear regularly to special occasions.

Questions to ask yourself while decluttering are:

  • Have I worn this within the past three months?
  • Will I wear it in the next three months?
  • What does this piece mean to me?

Have a look at your jewelry and see if any pieces are similar to each other and which ones you prefer. If you have two items that are similar in style, but you wear one more than the other – that is the time to declutter.

An incentive to get rid of jewelry you don’t need is by thinking of what you could buy with the money you make from it. And remember: if you don’t wear it, you are highly unlikely to miss it.


What To Do With Jewelry You Don’t Want?

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