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How To Cope With A Broken Engagement

June 23, 2017 - Relationship Articles
You started to plan your future together when… life happens.  An unforeseen broken engagement can be incredibly heartbreaking. Coping with this kind of loss can be challenging both emotionally and socially.

Navigating the waters of life after a broken engagement can be tricky. However, there are some practical steps you can take to get you through.


How to cope with a broken engagement?

  1. Let It Go
  2. Keep Notifications Short and Sweet
  3. Dig Deep
  4. Take Your Own Honeymoon
  5. Tap Into Your Network
  6. Practice Self-Care
  7. See a Therapist
  8. Sell the Engagement Ring


broken engaagement


1. Let it Go

After the initial shock of breaking an engagement, the best way to move on from broken relationships is to let them go. In order to move forward in a healthy manner, it is very important that you eliminate regular contact with your fiancée, when feasible.

While it may be possible to remain on friendly terms, maintaining regular contact with your ex is rarely a good idea. It often forces you into reliving the past repeatedly. It may be tempting to initiate a phone call to check in on your former partner or respond to a text message you received or to check their social media. However, the bottom line is that the healthiest thing to do is to refrain from engaging with them if possible.


2. Keep Notifications Short and Sweet

The thought of having to notify anyone of a broken engagement or a wedding that has been called off can be tough. There may be lots of people to inform that you have now called off the wedding or wedding plans. This can understandably feel overwhelming.

However, it is a necessary evil when moving forward with your life. If this is simply too much to bear on your own, consider enlisting the help of a close, trusted friend or family member to help you break the news. Avoid offering a long, detailed explanation about what went wrong and red flags that you missed. Instead prepare a very brief statement that can be shared with guests, family, and friends, as necessary.


3. Dig Deep

Before you take the time to discuss the status of your engagement with family and friends, be sure to process and reflect on your own feelings within yourself first. Our loved ones mean well by expressing their opinions about our love lives. However, these messages can drown out our own views on the matter.

Taking ample time to grieve a loss of this magnitude is a pivotal step in the healing process. Patience with yourself as you move through this time in your life is particularly important. Parting ways with the person you planned to spend the rest of your life with is no small feat.


4. Take your own honeymoon

Once you got engaged, you may have had some idea of where you had hoped to honeymoon. Instead of canceling these plans altogether, why not just change plans?Consider taking a solo trip or a trip with close friends to a destination you’ve been dreaming of visiting.

Waiting to become engaged and/or married before you begin to live is a mistake that many individuals make. Instead of putting these plans on hold, now is the perfect time to visit the places you want to see on your own terms.


5. Tap into Your Network

Allow your close friends and family to be there for you and support you in the healthiest way possible. Setting clear and specific boundaries about how you would like them to support you is incredibly important. While it may feel comforting to hear your loved ones bash your fiancée initially, this negative talk can become emotionally draining and make it difficult for you to move on.


6. Practice Self-Care

While you navigate this sensitive time in your life, it is so important to be good to yourself. Consider making both your physical and emotional health a priority. By eating foods that will nourish your body and incorporating healthy physical activities, you can begin to feel better. Practicing self-care also means surrounding yourself only with positive, supportive individuals.


7. Therapist

If you find that you simply cannot move past your grief over the loss of your engagement, consider speaking with a licensed therapist. Psychotherapy can be very effective and help you identify any unresolved issues that need to be address. During a difficult time, seek counseling to help you determine if there are any triggers you should avoid.


8. Sell the engagement ring

Selling the engagement ring can be a cathartic way to move on. At WP Diamonds, we offer a fast, safe and easy way to sell your engagement ring in as little as 24 hours. Our worry-free process from price quote to payment can give you just the financial boost you need. Put the cash towards new jewelry, a vacation, or whatever financial needs you have.

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