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Sell Cartier Love Bracelets Online

March 3, 2019 - Jewelry Articles

Cartier’s famous Love Bracelet has long been a staple among celebrities and fashionistas alike. This iconic bracelet is subtle yet high end in design, available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold with the option of diamond accents.

But what is the best way to sell Cartier Love bracelets?  Have you moved on from a past relationship and the Love bracelet that it represents? Or is it simply something that you no longer wear? Selling your Cartier Love bracelet can help you raise extra cash or allow you to buy some new jewelry as a starting over gift.


Get answers to the following questions: 


Cartier Love Bracelets


 How to sell Cartier Love Bracelets?

  1. Get a Price Quote: Fill out the online form and our experts will be in touch.
  2. Get a Final Price: Schedule an appointment or send your Love Bracelet in. We provide free shipping and insurance.
  3. Get Paid: Choose from check, wire or store credit (for an additional 10%). The entire process of selling can take as little as 24 hours.

Where to sell Cartier Love bracelets?

The most important step when selling your Cartier Love Bracelet is to thoroughly research designer jewelry buyers. In order to sell safely, we recommend working with buyers that meet the following criteria:

  • Better Business Bureau: Always work with BBB A+ rated fine jewelry buyers.
  • Fees: Be sure that their service is free of charge and check if there are any hidden fees or costs.
  • Reviews: Check that they have credible online reviews from previous customers.
  • Designer Jewelry Experts: When selling a Love bracelet, you will want to be working with a designer jewelry expert that understands the value of your bracelet on the secondhand market.
  • Price Quote: It is always worth receiving a price quote before scheduling an appointment or sending your Love bracelet to a buyer for a final price.

While there are many options available for selling Love bracelets- it pays to sell to the experts.


About WP Diamonds

Established in 2012, WP Diamonds is a leading global buyer of luxury jewelry, watches and handbags. With unparalleled knowledge of the luxury market, we specialize in providing a fast, secure and easy transaction.

We are proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and our streamlined service can take as little as 24 hours. Sell online or in person and get the best possible prices, thanks to our team of jewelry experts. But don’t just take our word for it, read our hundreds of customer reviews here. Sell your Cartier Love bracelet, Cartier engagement ring or panther ring for cash to WP Diamonds today.

How much can I sell Cartier Love bracelets for?

Typically, Love bracelets sell for around 40% – 50% of retail price.

There are many factors that affect the value of your Love bracelet. These include:

  • Condition: is your Love Bracelet is vintage, in original condition or heavily worn?
  • Materials: rose gold, yellow gold or white gold? Does the bracelet feature any diamonds?
  • Popularity: is this particular Love bracelet in high demand at the moment?
  • Box and Papers: having the original screw, box and papers for your Love bracelet will add value. You can however still sell your Cartier jewelry without these. Be sure to mention whether or not you are in possession of these when requesting a quote.


cartier white gold love bracelets


History of the Love Bracelet

New York City, 1969. As the national political spotlight turned to women, and the Feminist Movement empowered women to associate as equals amongst men, Italian jewelry designer, Aldo Cipullo created the Love Bracelet.

Secured together by a screw, Cipullo’s iconic design has since become a simple yet universal symbol for love and commitment. Echoing the sentiments of the new women’s rights that emerged during the era, its empowering aesthetic lingers today.



Louis-François Cartier’s grandsons, Louis, Pierre, and Jacques, after becoming the heads of Maison Cartier, sought to base the Cartier Empire in Paris with a global expansion mindset. Pierre and Louis ventured to Russia in 1904, where Russian aristocrats and royalty influenced English aristocrats to the Cartier name.

Jacques then took over Cartier’s British branch, where Cartier soon became jewelers to the kings of India, allowing Cartier to open an office in India in 1911. Pierre Cartier moved to New York City in 1909, where industrialists were joined by the stars of Broadway and silent films in their taste for Cartier.

Originally only sold to lovers, the gold Cartier Love bracelet began to make its way onto the wrists of those who epitomized old Hollywood, and into the fashion world decades later. Locked onto icons such as Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra, the bracelet withstood the strands of time. Today, Hollywood is fixated on the bracelet. Actresses like Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Eva Mendes wear them today, and an altruistic version of the bracelet launched, in which Cartier donated the proceeds to charities.

Not only has the Love Bracelet stood the test of time, it has become an icon in street style, photographed across the world’s fashion weeks. The Love Bracelet has been incorporated into the fast paced fashion trends, from stacking bracelets, to mixing high end with inexpensive pieces across accessories and apparel. It has appeal across all ages and styles.

designer jewelry

Kylie Jenner, an influential teen with 86.1 million Instagram followers to her name, parades her multiple Cartier bracelets on social media, and gifts them to friends and family, currently influencing millennials and Generation Z to continue as future patrons of the Love Collection.



The Love bracelet’s simplistic design is a flat bangle studded with screws, a staple accessory appealing to men and women alike. Stylistically chic, two u-shaped c’s are clasped together and then fastened with a screwdriver.

At launch, only lovers could purchase it, and would entrust their other half with the only thing that can open the bracelet itself. Some New York City hospitals keep a screwdriver on hand, as patients wear their bracelets “unto death do us part.” Today’s bracelets are engraved with serial numbers, kept on file at the Cartier headquarters.

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