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Looking to buy jewelry? Current customers of WP Diamonds can get discounts on authenticated, pre-owned luxury jewelry, watches and handbags.

The most environmentally responsible and sustainable way to shop luxury goods, browse a wide range of designer brands and styles at affordable prices.


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Buy Designer Jewelry, Luxury Watches and Hanbags

Buy jewelry, luxury watches and handbags from a range of premium, designer brands. Authenticated preowned pieces, refurbished to excellent condition. Buy diamond engagement rings, Birkin handbags, men’s and women’s watches, diamond studs and much more.

Buy Loose Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry

Our team of GIA trained gemologists have examined and authenticated all of our diamonds and diamond jewelry available for sale.

Buy Loose Diamonds

Whether you are looking to buy melee, certified stones or colored diamonds, we have a wide and varied range of diamonds for you to choose from. Shop loose round diamonds, oval diamonds, pear diamonds, radiant diamonds and much more.

Buy Engagement Rings

From classic round solitaires to art deco vintage rings to modern gemstones: our range our diamond and gemstone engagement rings is available at varied prices.

Buy Diamond Jewelry

Add some sparkle to your jewelry box. Choose from a selection of stunning diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and diamond bracelets.

Buy bespoke jewelry with our concierge service

Looking to build something bespoke? Email with details of the jewelry that you are looking to buy and our concierge service will provide you with options to choose from. Whether you are looking to build your own engagement ring, diamond bracelet or simply a pair of studs, our team are on hand to help you with all your diamond jewelry needs.

Trade in jewelry for an upgrade

Looking to buy and sell? Why not trade in your old or unwanted jewelry or watches for an upgrade? Simply fill out our online form to sell your items and let us know that you are interested in our upgrade program. Get paid in cash or store credit for an additional 10% more on your offer. Then shop diamond jewelry, designer jewelry and luxury watches. Recycle your jewelry box today by selling on the pieces you no longer love and buying pieces you will treasure for years to come.

Benefits of buying pre-owned jewelry

There are two main benefits to buying second-hand jewelry:

  1. Best Prices: Get up to 80% off retail prices by shopping pre-owned. With big discounts on jewelry and watches refurbished to excellent condition, enjoy great prices on luxury brands without compromising on quality. Shop the brands you love at unbeatable prices.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Buying pre-owned jewelry is the most sustainable and eco-friendly way to shop jewelry. Second-hand jewelry contributes nothing to harmful precious metal and gemstone mining practices that pollute the surrounding environment. And unlike lab grown diamonds that require huge amounts of energy to produce a single carat, pre-owned diamonds are already in circulation and ready to be re-used. By shopping recycled jewelry and watches, you are making an environmentally responsible purchase.