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The Best Engagement Rings For your Astrological Sign

With so many engagement ring styles available, it can be hard to know what to pick. White diamonds, black diamonds, princess cut engagement rings, diamond halos… If you’re not sure what the best engagement ring option is for you, why not let the stars be your guiding principle and decide for you? We take a close look at the best engagement rings for your astrological sign.

The Best Engagement Rings For your Star Sign

 We take a close look at the best engagement rings for each star sign.

the best engagement ring for your astrological sign


What Are The Best Engagement Rings For your Astrological Sign?


best engagement ring for aries


Ring Style: Super Blingy

Aries loves to see and be seen – especially while wearing the most eye catching of pieces aimed to elicit envy. Think big and bold and shiny: focus on diamond rings with extra sparkle and dazzle.


best taurus engagement ring


Ring Style: Pink Diamond

Taurus’ are an earth sign whose ruling planet Venus is relationship-oriented. Taurus is a luxury lover who tends to steer toward classic, romantic pieces. A simple radiant cut pink diamond ring best reflects this aesthetic.


best gemini engagement ring


Ring Style: Double Diamond

Geminis are known for their curiosity and style-savviness. They will love a playful engagement ring that doubles as a conversation piece. A double diamond works perfectly as Gemini is symbolized by the Twins. Perhaps consider an intertwined band and/or a yellow diamond.


best gemini engagement ring


Ring Style: Heart Shaped Diamond

Water sign Cancers are known for their loving hearts and often being in their feelings. Shameless and sensitive lovers of romance, they are drawn to art that reflects just how they feel, which is why a heart-shaped ring is perfect.



best leo engagement ring


Ring Style: Yellow Diamond

Fixed fire sign Leo is often a ray of light. They tend to find themselves in the spotlight or taking on leadership roles. As such, their engagement ring should be as attention-captivating as they are. A yellow diamond set in a yellow gold band or an intricate rose gold style would suit their flair for the dramatic.


best virgo engagement ring


Ring: Sapphire Stone

Virgo is a lover of clean, traditional, and elegant styles. If born in September, their birthstone is sapphire. Either a round or cushion cut solitaire or perhaps a ring that resembles Kate Middleton’s / Princess Diana’s timeless sapphire engagement ring.


best libra engagement ring


Style: Diamond Flower Ring

Libra is a lover of all things sweet and social. They will likely be drawn to an engagement ring with a floral design. Beautiful, fragrant, feminine, this fits in beautifully with Libra’s heartfelt energy,


best scorpio engagement ring


Style: Vintage Style

Scorpio is a powerhouse of intense emotion and razor-focused drive. They feel their emotions deeply and usually revere both family and tradition. A family heirloom would be a perfect fit for Scorpios, as would a vintage style engagement ring or even art deco, with an unconventional precious stone in a strong hue, such as garnet.


top sagittarius engagement ring


Style: Legacy Diamond

Sagittarius is a joyful adventurer, quick to entertain others with their love and zest for life. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune, they love a big, bold, sparkly diamond engagement ring, especially one with a story behind it.


capricorn diamond engagement ring


Style: Solitaire

Capricorn is a traditionalist at heart. Ruled by taskmaster, commitment-oriented Saturn would love a simple, dainty solitaire ring. Focus on uncomplicated, clean lines, a plain band, and one standout center stone. This speaks to their old-school, pragmatic style.



best Aquarius engagement ring


Style: Emerald Stone

Aquarius is an innovative free-thinker who shirks convention and the traditional, known for their offbeat, quirky style. They would be thrilled by unique engagement ring rings and colorful gemstones (such as emerald or sapphires), ideally set in modern white gold or platinum.


best pisces engagement ring


StyleOval Diamond

Dreamy, mystical Neptune, known for clouding rational thought, is the ruling planet of Pisces. Those born under this water sign tend to be imaginative and artistic. A rose gold setting or oval cut diamond is a wonderful option for Pisces.

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