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Authenticate Tiffany Jewelry in 8 Steps

October 5, 2017 - Jewelry Articles
Tiffany is a name that is synonymous with beauty, style, and elegance in fine jewelry and luxury watches. Perhaps because its work is so eye-catching and its name so recognizable, Tiffany is a company that is frequently the focus of copycats. Jewelry forgers looking to cash in on the sale of counterfeit items. We share our top tricks to authenticate Tiffany jewelry.

While many of them include pieces that feature a more traditional look, the company also produces some very creative contemporary jewelry. Whatever the aesthetic of the piece inside, a signature blue box from Tiffany always elicits a knowing smile from the recipient.


How to authenticate Tiffany jewelry

Tiffany has stores in major cities all around the world. Obviously, if you are buying a piece of jewelry in one of those locations, you are assured that it is authentic.

But what if you buy elsewhere: in a pawn shop or from a friend of a friend? How can you be sure that you are paying for the genuine article? How can you authenticate Tiffany jewelry?

The truth is, it’s not easy to authenticate Tiffany jewelry. The best forgers are able to closely mimic a Tiffany piece. However, there are a number of things you can assess to give you a better idea if an item was really made by Tiffany. The more of them that you check and find convincing, the greater the odds that an item is authentic.

Simply by stamping “Tiffany & Co.” on a ring, necklace, or other item and placing it in that much-beloved blue box, the counterfeiter stands a good chance of passing it off as the real thing. Sometimes, a jewelry lover’s excitement gets the best of them!

how to authenticate Tiffany jewelry


Here are some ways to stay ahead of the counterfeiters and authenticate Tiffany jewelry:

1.Learn all you can about Tiffany’s works. This includes: history, details about its craftsmanship, approximate dates on when a particular collection was created, etc. Not only might it allow you to spot a fake, but simply sharing some of your expertise with the seller can make it clear that you are not someone to be messed with!

Some the company’s collections include: Tiffany Infinity, Tiffany Keys, Tiffany Soleste, Tiffany Bow, Tiffany Metro, Ziegfeld Collection, Paloma Picasso.

2. Review the paperwork. If the seller has papers for the piece, take a close look to see if anything jumps out at you.

Are there misspellings? Is the writing font in line with Tiffany’s? Does the date of purchase come before the collection was actually released? Have the confidence to put the transaction on hold until you’re satisfied with the paperwork.

3. Check the metal content on the item. Does it match what’s on the paperwork? Look at the stamp and use a metal tester to detect if it is real gold or real sterling silver (and not gold or silver plated).

4. Assess the quality of the stamps and the box. If anything seems poorly executed, you may be looking at a fake.

5. Examine the font of the stamp. Visit the Tiffany website and become familiar with the Tiffany font. You can even take a picture of the Tiffany logo on an authentic piece and pull out your phone to compare it to what’s being presented. However, keep in mind that vintage pieces will have different markings than contemporary items.

6. Check the quality of the workmanship. If it is not impeccable, you are not looking at a Tiffany piece. For example, links on chains should be soldered. If there is a visible gap, the item is a forgery.

7. Assess the quality of the clasp, if applicable. If it appears inferior, that’s a red flag.

8. Check the size and the placement of precious stones. Do they match the paperwork or pictures on the website?


What If You are Offered Fake Tiffany

If anything about a piece makes you wonder if it is counterfeit, you should walk away from the transaction. It may be that your fears are unfounded, but you can always find another piece that you want to purchase. Once you buy knockoff, you are unfortunately stuck with it.

Keep in mind that if you suspect a piece is counterfeit, the person who has offered it for sale may know that it is a fake, but they may not. Confronting them about it may elicit a glimmer of guilt, but it may also cause a genuine look of shock and embarrassment.

Should you contact the authorities? That, of course, is a personal decision. If you are confident that what was offered to you is counterfeit, and if the seller has many pieces, meaning many people could be ripped off over time, it may make sense to call the police.


Where to Sell Tiffany Jewelry

If you are interested in selling a genuine piece of Tiffany jewelry, WP Diamonds is an excellent place to do that. We are the leading buyers of Tiffany jewelry, offering strong prices, quick payment and a secure process.

To connect with one of our Tiffany co jewelry experts, contact us at 646-758-0270 or fill out our online form. With our free and fully insured shipping service, we can assess the value of your jewelry and make you a competitive offer. We also offer appointments where you can meet with our designer jewelry experts. Our service is entirely free of charge and there is no obligation to sell.


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