Relationship Articles

Relationship articles from WP Diamonds' Relationship Experts. Whether going through a divorce or recently separated, our Relationship Experts provide help and advice.

Relationship Articles: How to Prepare for Divorce 

Preparing for a divorce can feel overwhelming, both emotionally and financially. Whether you or your spouse made the decision to divorce, it is important that you are ready to deal with all aspects of the separ...


Decluttering is one of the most popular resolutions people make in the new year. Why? Decluttering gives you greater control of your life, energy and finances while eliminating stress. This resolution allows yo...

Relationship Articles: New Year’s Goals 2020 

With only a few days until the New Year, now is the perfect time to set your new year’s goals for 2020. Many people promise life changes for the New Year, but few actually achieve success. We often set ou...

Relationship Articles: Thanksgiving after Divorce 

Thanksgiving is typically a time to be with friends and family while celebrating what you are thankful for. However, if you have just gone through a divorce, you likely won’t be feeling the holiday cheer. The...


The holiday season can be tough and emotional following a breakup, especially as we tend to think of it as a time of love and coming together. As that time of the year approaches, it is important to think of wa...


Ending an engagement is different from a regular breakup. You and your ex-partner had planned to spend the rest of your lives together. Maybe you had started planning the wedding, finding a home, and thinking a...


The end of a marriage can be a very difficult time, both emotionally and financially. One area where those two concerns intersect is the wedding ring, engagement ring or ring set. What to do with the ring after...


Divorce certainly brings challenges, yet any life change brings the opportunity to start afresh. There are many ways in which you can rebuild your life and start over after divorce, whether it be in your person...


Divorce is not a process that anyone wishes to go through and it certainly is not one that you want to be lengthier than need be. However, when looking for the best divorce lawyer, it is so important not to rus...


There are countless reasons why buying gifts for yourself will promote and reinforce self-love. Gifts are symbols, often of how we feel at the time of purchase. Treating yourself like you matter, acknowledging ...


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