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Diamond Articles: Diamond Trends 

Diamonds may be forever, but they are no exception when it comes to trends. As a gemologist, I see different diamond styles and diamond trends come in and out of fashion every year. Whether it’s a prefer...

Diamond Articles: Synthetic Diamonds 

The desire for diamond has set a definite imprint on the culture and history of our world. From being the impetus for starting wars, to becoming the elemental symbol of love and desire, people throughout histo...


A pioneer whose name would become synonymous with American style, Charles Lewis Tiffany began a “stationary and fancy goods store” in 1837, alongside his friend John B. Young. With a $1,000 advance from hi...


At WP Diamonds, relationships are at the heart of what we do. Whether you’re upgrading an engagement ring or selling one after a divorce, we make it easy to celebrate every stage of your life. With February...


January has been dubbed ‘Divorce Month’ by lawyers and statistics alike, shining a light on an unhappy surge in divorce filings and divorce related searches in the New Year. Many divorce lawyers notice a s...


As we move into December, and the snow begins to fall, the holiday season creeps up on us without much warning. Before you know it, you have a list of gifts to buy for everyone from your mother to the mailman....


When most people think of diamonds, they think of white diamonds. And rightly so as these make up 99.9% of all diamonds mined. But the other 0.1% of diamonds mined are colored diamonds, with almost every color...


Many of our customers have an insurance appraisal for their diamond, watch or jewelry that they are looking to sell. While these are useful when it comes to insuring your items, they are not as useful when it ...

Diamond Articles: GIA Diamond Grading 

Since their opening in 1931, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) have quickly established themselves as the foremost authority in gemology and become the industry standard in gemological sciences. The...


When looking to sell a pre-owned item, many would naturally turn to EBay, Craigslist or other such websites that allow you to sell your goods directly to members of the public. This may apply to selling books,...


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