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Diamond Articles: Radiant Cut Diamonds 

Known for their many facets and brilliance, radiant cut diamonds have remained a popular cut since their creation in the 1970s. This elegant cut combines a classic style with unparalleled scintillation. Want to...


Engagement rings are a major investment that can cost up to thousands of dollars and are a physical representation of a couple’s relationship. However, there are circumstances in which someone may want to ret...


While one often thinks of the most expensive diamonds as blue diamonds, red diamonds, pink diamonds; the world’s most expensive diamond is in fact a white diamond. Steeped in intrigue and mystery, the sto...


The end of your marriage if often a very challenging time, both emotionally as well as financially. One area where those two concerns intersect is the engagement ring and the weddings rings. What does one do wi...


Engagement rings are symbolic of the promise of marriage. There are many reasons why you might be looking to sell your engagement ring. Especially if your ring is from a relationship that has since ended. One o...


When a marriage is over or you need to raise funds quickly, selling the engagement ring can make financial and/or emotional sense. But where to start? You will want to make sure that you are selling your pieces...


Engagement rings are beautiful, wearable works of art. You may be wondering: “How much can I sell my engagement ring for?” and the answer can be quite complex. The easiest way is to get a free price quote f...


Diamond carat weight has a big impact on the value of your diamond. So whether you are looking to find out the carat weight of your diamond to better understand its worth or simply out of curiosity, WP Diamonds...

Diamond Articles: Oval Cut Diamonds 

While round cut diamonds have long been the most popular option for engagement rings, oval cut diamonds are now quickly becoming one of the nation’s favorite diamond shapes. Its elongated shape makes the diam...

Diamond Articles: Emerald Cut Diamonds 

Known for their unique art-deco look and geometric shape, emerald cut diamonds are an increasingly popular diamond cut. With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce opting for emerald cut diamond rings, ...


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