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Whether you are a diamond enthusiast or lover of interesting facts, we have curated a list of the most interesting and fun facts about diamonds. With billions of years of history, there is no shortage of fun fa...

Diamond Articles: Blue Diamonds 

Blue diamonds have long been thought to represent intelligence, trust and serenity. Not to be confused with blue sapphires, fancy blue diamonds are one of the most coveted fancy colored diamonds and are second ...


If you are preparing to sell your diamonds you likely have asked yourself, “who buys diamonds?” and, “where can I get the best price for my diamonds?”. Finding diamond buyers who is honest, reputable an...

Diamond Articles: Red Diamonds 

Red diamonds are the rarest and most valuable of all fancy colored diamonds, with only 20 to 30 truly red diamonds believed to exist in the world. The beauty and rarity of the red diamond reflects in their subs...


Determining how much a diamonds worth can feel daunting because of all of the conflicting information online and misleading diamond calculators. According to Forbes, “Unlike gold, which has a quantifiable me...

Diamond Articles: Radiant Cut Diamonds 

Known for their many facets and brilliance, radiant cut diamonds have remained a popular cut since their creation in the 1970s. This elegant cut combines a classic style with unparalleled scintillation. Want to...


Engagement rings are a major investment that can cost up to thousands of dollars and are a physical representation of a couple’s relationship. However, there are circumstances in which someone may want to ret...


While one often thinks of the most expensive diamonds as blue diamonds, red diamonds, pink diamonds; the world’s most expensive diamond is in fact a white diamond. Steeped in intrigue and mystery, the sto...


The end of your marriage if often a very challenging time, both emotionally as well as financially. One area where those two concerns intersect is the engagement ring and the weddings rings. What does one do wi...


Engagement rings are symbolic of the promise of marriage. There are many reasons why you might be looking to sell your engagement ring. Especially if your ring is from a relationship that has since ended. One o...


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