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June 29, 2017

Ring Settings Explained

The setting is one of the most defining characteristics of a ring and has an impact on the worth of the ring. A ring’s setting greatly affect the ring’s ultimate look and can minimize or maximize...

June 28, 2017

Declutter Your Life – Starting With Your Jewelry Box

There are many benefits to decluttering. Not only does it create space, it can help declutter your mind and help you make some extra cash as well.   BENEFITS TO DECLUTTERING Creates space – T...

Diamond Cut Grade Explained

Definition: Diamond cut refers to how well a diamond interacts with light. Cut grade is determined primarily by the symmetry, proportions, and polish of a stone, not its shape. Along with color, clar...

June 27, 2017

Is it safe to sell jewelry online?

Selling high-end jewelry, diamonds or luxury watches online can feel daunting if it is the first time you are doing so. The good news is that, yes, it is safe. As long as you work with the right jewel...

How to Start Your Luxury Watch Collection

Not only does a luxury watch serve as a practical way to tell time, but it can also be a masterful technical achievement, a fashionable, stylish addition to your wardrobe, and sometimes even a long-t...

Starting a New Career After Divorce

You’ve been through a divorce, you’ve dealt with the emotional and practical implications… what’s next? Starting a new career following a divorce can actually be a great thing for a variety o...

Letting Go of the Past After Divorce

Divorce is a difficult time and it is normal to initially feel sad, angry, confused, and a range of other negative emotions. But after a certain period of time, it is important to shake these feeling...

June 26, 2017

The History of Engagement Rings

An international symbol of love, engagement rings are popular throughout the world. But why is it that we wear engagement rings? And how did this seemingly age-old tradition start? Infographic cou...

June 23, 2017

How to Cope with a Broken Engagement

You started to plan your future together when… life happens.  An unforeseen broken engagement can be incredibly heartbreaking. Coping with this kind of loss can be challenging both emotionally and...

June 21, 2017

How To Sell High-End Jewelry Online

People sell their high-end jewelry for a variety of reasons. It may be that it is something that they no longer wear, something that they inherited or that they simply need the cash. The bottom line i...

June 16, 2017

Summer Jewelry Essentials

As we enter the early summer months, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your current jewelry for new, exciting pieces. Take advantage of the warm weather with the right accessories. Read below for the...

Jewelry Articles: How to sell emeralds online 


Highly coveted and rare, emeralds are one of the most valuable gemstones available due to their beauty and durability. This year, Harry Winston purchased an 18.04 carat emerald that once belonged to John D. Roc...

Jewelry Articles: How to sell sapphires online 


Sapphires, which belong to the corundum gemstone family, are one of the most valuable types of gemstones in the world. Alongside rubies, emeralds, diamonds and amethysts, sapphires are known as ‘cardinal gems...

Relationship Articles: How to start over after a divorce 


Divorce certainly brings challenges, yet any life change brings the opportunity to start afresh. There are many ways in which you can rebuild your life after divorce, whether it be in your personal or professio...

Diamond Articles: Diamond Carat Calculator 


Diamond carat weight has a big impact on the value of your diamond. So whether you are looking to find out the carat weight of your diamond to better understand its worth or simply out of curiosity, WP Diamonds...

Watch Articles: Top 20 luxury watch brands 


Designer watches are products of true craftsmanship, merging luxury and reliability. Top luxury brands create quality timepieces that showcase great design and optimal quality, designed to last you a lifetime. ...

Diamond Articles: Oval Cut Diamonds 


While round cut diamonds have long been the most popular option for engagement rings, oval cut diamonds are now quickly becoming one of the nation’s favorite diamond shapes. Its elongated shape makes the diam...

Jewelry Articles: Where To Sell Jewelry 


We are all guilty of holding onto things that we do not need or no longer wear. Whether it’s jewelry that you have fallen out of love with or an old engagement ring from a previous relationship, selling your ...

Watch Articles: How To Sell A Used Watch 


You may own a luxury watch that you have never worn, or you may have worn it every single day for the past 20 years. Regardless, it will still be considered a “used watch” or a “secondhand watch”. In th...

Jewelry Articles: How To Sell Rubies Online 


Rubies are distinguished by their blood-red color. Hailing from Vietnam, Brazil, Afghanistan, Kenya, and Mozambique; these precious gemstones are most commonly found in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Prized for their r...

Jewelry Articles: September Birthstone: Sapphire 


For those born in September, sapphire is your birthstone. These striking gemstones symbolize nobility, wisdom and good fortune. In honor of September’s official birthstone, let’s take a deeper look at t...


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