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“Was a bit skeptical about selling a diamond online and especially sending it off. But after reading other reviews and “checking them out”, the experience was painless and worry free. From the initial form submission describing my diamond, Holly was their representative throughout the process. We maintained an email string and she was quick to address any questions or concerns.

I received an initial offer, sent my diamond via FedEx, which they paid for shipping and insurance. They evaluated it, and I received an offer over the phone from Holly that was above what I expected. Funds were in my account a day later. This was a great experience from start to finish and I would hope other’s will feel comfortable dealing with them. Great service, great communication, and a GREAT price!”


Misti Fragen

“The decision to sell my diamonds was not an easy one. After a painful divorce, I sat with this decision, and my jewelry for some time. After shopping around to some local jewelers and being extremely unsatisfied with what their offers were for my items, I decided to look online at the urging of some of my friends who had gone through some similar situations. I found WP Diamonds, did some research and decided to go with them after reading reviews and feeling very confident in Holly’s communication with me.

The experience was nothing short of wonderful. The price for my diamonds was at least 55% more than I was quoted locally, and the customer service, confidence and communication was top notch. I have since sold additional diamond jewelry to them, and will continue to recommend them to anyone who has these needs. They are by far the best there is.”


Ken Langdon

 “Outstanding service. The entire process took less than 48 hours. Instructions were simple and easy to follow. They did everything they said they would do in the time frame specified. I would highly recommend WP Diamonds to anyone looking to sell their diamonds.”


Chris Ortiz

“The experience that I have had with WP Diamonds has been nothing no less 5 star quality. They were very upfront with information that I needed. They also touched base with me and kept me updated on the processing of my diamonds. The turnover for estimates on my diamonds were quick and very reasonable. They were offering for my diamonds way more than any other jeweler I had visited previously. WP Diamonds is true to their word in every way. I would definitely recommend this business and would go back myself in a heart beat.”


Natalie Tincher

“Mark at WP Diamonds was lovely to work with. The process was very efficient and pleasant. Most important, it was very fair. I didn’t feel like I was being taken advantage of at all–instead I was treated with the utmost respect and kindness. In the end, my offer was higher than any places I had been to previously, and I received a check on the spot.   I can’t say enough great things about my experience! Thanks!”


Aimee Wheeler

 “I had a wonderful experience with WP Diamonds. They gave me the highest instant offer for my diamond and made the process of selling ring very easy. They paid my shipping, insured my diamond and kept their original offer after receiving it. The funds were in my account less than 24 hours after I signed the agreement. The staff was very friendly and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend WP Diamonds to anyone who wants to sell their jewelry.”


LaShan Jenkins

“I would remiss if I did not give a huge Thank You to Mark Salinaro who provided exceptional Customer Service from the point of contact to the close of transaction. Mark was so personable, professional, and knowledgeable that I was anxiety free and relaxed through the whole process, unlike another company I was going to use before I found WP Diamonds. WP Diamonds is first class from the Website, Customer Service, and Sale. As a Real Estate Professional, WP Diamonds caused me to improve my Customer Service process.”

Professionalism + Integrity + Knowledge= WP Diamonds

Thanks again Mark and the WP Diamonds Staff!


Sarah Madjlesi

“This process was much, much easier and faster than I ever imagined. Plus, they offered me exactly what I was hoping to get out of my ring. Holly was so helpful. I emailed her on a Friday, she sent me a label the same day, my ring arrived to her on Monday morning. And the money deposited to my bank account just 1 hour after I accepted her offer. This is the best service experience I have had in a very long time. I intend to do business with her again and I highly recommend WP Diamonds to anyone in need of selling their diamond jewelry.”

Steve- Idaho

“Here is why I can highly recommend WP Diamonds. I initially completed several on-line webforms to sell my GIA certified 1.22c diamond with three different reputable diamond brokers.

Broker #1 presented me an offer with a $700 range (e.g. $6500 to $7200).
Broker #2 presented me an offer with a $1500 range (e.g. $5100 to $6600).
Broker #3 (WP Diamonds) gave me an Instant Offer for $7000.

WP Diamonds emailed me a fully insured FedEx shipping label. I then sent my package to WP Diamond overnight. WP Diamonds notified me when the package was received. Their diamond expert inspected and confirmed the diamond’s quality. I was then given a contract (for the amount of the Instant Offer). Wire instructions were given and the money appeared in my bank account the next day. The communication by both email and telephone throughout the four days was timely, clear, and professional. The process started on a Sunday afternoon (when I filled in the webform) and the funds were received in my bank account on Thursday. Very impressive. Thank You WP Diamonds.”

Steve sold a platinum Solitaire Engagement Ring with a 1.22 carat diamond. The stone was round and had a G color, with VVS1 clarity.

Debbie- Indiana

“I am recently divorced and was shopping around for potential buyers for my ring. I had gotten a few offers from the local jewelry stores but WP Diamonds not only offered me the most for my ring, but their customer service and turn around time on getting me my money was phenomenal! I would gladly recommend them to ANYONE looking to sell their diamond ring. I can’t say enough about how polite, friendly and eager to help me out they were.”

Debbie sold a beautiful round 2.81ct diamond with H color and VS2 clarity, the stone was GIA certified.

John- Maryland

“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience with your company. The whole process was extremely easy, communication was great, and turnaround time was outstanding. We received our payment this evening less than three hours after receiving our quote.I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and I won’t hesitate to recommend WP diamonds in the future. Thank you very much!” 

John sold a platinum solitaire engagement ring with a 0.7 round diamond. The stone was a J color and VS2 clarity.

Jennifer- Boston

“WP Diamonds were helpful walking me through the process of selling my diamonds. I would recommend WP Diamonds; they are professional and honest in their assessments and pay quickly.”

Jennifer sold a pair of stud earrings. They have a 1.0 tcw, and have the following specs: G color, and I1 clarity.

Christopher- Nashville

“I was very impressed with the service and professionalism that I received when I made the choice to sell my diamond ring from a broken engagement to WP Diamonds. From the initial offer to the final delivery of funds was less than 4 days. The staff was more than willing to work with me and I feel that I was treated more than fair. I would highly recommend them to family and friends.”

Christopher sold a 1.04 carat princess cut diamond ring. The stone had a J color, with VS1 clarity.

Tracy- Pensacola

“My experience with WP Diamonds was excellent. I feel that I received fair value for my ring, especially as the main diamond was a 1.54 carat pear – out of fashion right now.

I shopped around and did my research. I knew what the approximate retail value was, and had a figure in mind that I felt was a fair offer. I received one other online initial estimate, two local offers (one for cash and one for trade-in) and one independent quote from a work colleague’s friend with a jewelry wholesale business in Dallas.

WP Diamonds’ initial estimate was $4,100 to $4,500. They paid me $4,400.
The other initial estimate online was for $3,000 to $4,500. As I had a GIA certified diamond, this wide range in valuation made no sense to me.

Local cash offer was $2,750 from a diamond wholesaler
Local offer for trade-in was $3,000 with a very reputable jeweler that I was referred to.

Independent quote from a colleague’s friend in Dallas was $4,100 to $4,400 – exactly what WP Diamonds paid me.

WP Diamonds communciated at every step of the way, and were very responsive and professional with all of their communication. I filled out the online estimate request form and received a call the next day with an initial estimate. I shipped the ring on a Thursday, and they called me before 10:00 AM on Friday with the final offer. I scanned them my signed offer letter late Monday afternoon with wire instructions. By Tuesday I could see it online as pending with my bank, and the funds were available in my account on Wednesday morning. The whole process was very easy and professionally handled.

I would absoultely recommend WP Diamonds to others looking to sell their diamonds. Sending your expensive jewelry via FedEx seems risky. But the fact that WP Diamonds has a location that you can walk into, and your package is addressed to the person you’ve been dealing with at the same location (not to mention that the package is fully insured, at their expense), should put your mind at ease. It was important to me that the company I was dealing with had an actual address, and was not an internet business with no brick and mortar location, or multiple locations. Additionally, they have a link to their report on the Better Business Bureau right on their website, and not just customer testimonials. Thanks for a great experience!”

Tracy sold a multi-stone diamond ring with a beautiful 1.54 pear shaped centre diamond, VS1 clarity.

Alexandra- New York

“It was a pleasure to meet with you on my visit to WP Diamonds in New York. Thank you again for being so understanding and gracious to my tardiness that day.

From beginning to end, my experience with WP Diamonds was most pleasurable. I would imagine that WP Diamonds would be a very interesting and enjoyable place to work. Both Ben and Les were gracious, honest, educated, patient, and great conversationalists! I enjoyed being taught about diamonds, and I am grateful for the generosity of their time spent with me that day.

I will definitely recommend your company to others looking to sell diamonds. As I am certain anyone wanting to sell, will be well pleased dealing with your company. Of course, everyone selling something has a sales price in mind; however, after the discussions about the pieces I brought in, I understood how they were valued, and I was very satisfied with price I was offered.”

Alexandra sold 3 pieces of Fine Jewelry totaling nearly $80,000 via an appointment to sell at our 5th Ave office in New York.

Ray- Houston

“At first I was hesitant to send a valuable piece of jewelry to a buyer I found on the internet but after spending my time going to wholesale buyers and consignment shops it seemed to be an efficient way to sell the piece as long as I was treated fairly. WP’s customer service agent was able to calm my fears and helped me to trust the company and the process.

I absolutely would recommend WP Diamonds to anyone that has valuable jewelry that they have decided to sell. The process from start to finish took less than one week and the communication I received throughout the process was excellent.

WP paid a fair price for our jewelry and provided payment the day after we agreed on a number – excellent service – fair pricing and efficient process – I will use White Pine in the future for all of my jewelry selling and buying needs.”

Ray sold a three-stone engagement ring with a total carat weight of .99 cts. The ring has an SI1 clarity, and is near colorless.

Todd- Washington

“The experience was very easy, from the initial submission of my data, through my conversations with various customer-service reps, to sending the stone to them closing the deal, and receiving payment. I would definitely do it again.

The final price I got was at the low end of the scale that they initially quoted. Of course, I was hoping for more, but it was in line with their quote, and it was a better price than I had received at local jewelry shops when they offered to wholesale the stone for me. Absolutely I would recommend WP Diamonds. “

Todd sold a 1.42.ct, Oval, GIA certified diamond. The diamond was D color, SI1 clarity and had no fluorescence.

Rick- Northern Illinois

“My overall experience with WP Diamonds was top of the line. It truly was first class all the way. I could not believe the incredible customer service and turn time. I would recommend WP to anyone. They responded to every email within minutes. I cannot thank them enough. WP gave me more than I thought I was going to get for my diamond.”

Rick sold a .90 ct princess shape ring. The diamond was G color, VS2 clarity, and had an ideal cut.

Rita- Cleveland

“I was hesitant at first to contact WP Diamonds, as I’d located them via an Internet search. I was more than pleasantly surprised at the friendly, prompt service I received, as well as getting a good dollar value for my jewelry.

Their representation was very helpful and quickly responded to any questions or concerns that I had. Customer service is second to none!

I highly recommend WP Diamonds to anyone who is looking to get the best return on their jewelry. The entire process was quick, efficient and their customer service is excellent!”

Rita sold a diamond unity ring with a .71 tcw. The center stone, weighing .40 cts, was a round shaped diamond colored G, with a clarity of SI2. The side stones all had H to I colors, with clarities of VS2 to SI1.

David- Western Pennsylvania

“My experience with WP Diamonds was excellent! Initially I was skeptical (as were my family and friends) dealing with a company that I was not familiar with. After speaking with WP on the phone and receiving the company’s credentials through email links, I began to feel more at ease to send my diamond set for their expert appraisal. The process was handled professionally and expeditiously. I was in constant contact with WP by phone and email, being updated on the status of the transaction. WP provided for the shipping and insurance on the ring set through FedEx. I was able to track the shipment through FedEx, but there was no need to…..I was contacted to confirm delivery of my items even before I went on the FedEx website! The appraised value was definitely in line with industry standards and the offer they made was reasonable, acceptable, and within the price range that they initially quoted me. The whole process only took a few days and the money was wired to my bank within 24 hrs of the acceptance of their offer.

I would most certainly recommend White Pine Diamonds to anyone looking to sell their diamonds and gold. They are reputable, customer oriented, and very friendly to deal with. I know how hard it is to sell an item of sentimental value, but they made it as painless as could be. A bit of advice to those looking to sell their diamond jewelry . . . don’t go to a hotel room rented out by some company offering the highest payout for your jewelry (they advertise all the time in local newspapers). I did this one time and was offered a ridiculously low amount for my ring set (which I obviously turned down).

I was very pleased with the offer that WP Diamonds provided. It was more than what I was anticipating. People have to realize that you’re not going to get the appraised or replacement value on a used item. However, WP paid MUCH MORE than what you would get from a pawn shop or one of those companies renting a hotel room buying gold and jewelry.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my experience with White Pine Diamonds and would definitely do business with them again!”

David sold a .52 ct round diamond ring. The diamond was H colored, had an SI1 clarity, and was set in 14kt yellow gold.

Kelly- Chicago

“It has been so easy to work with WP and you were very helpful. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.”

Kelly sold a marquise solitaire ring. It weighed 1.02 cts and had the following specs: E color, and I1 clarity.

Sandra- Los Angeles

“Thanks very much for such a smooth and expedient process. Much appreciated!”

Sandra sold a round solitaire ring that weighs 1.49 cts and has the following specs: H color, VS2 clarity, very good cut, and medium blue fluorescence.

Trudy- Tampa

“My experience with WP Diamonds was a very positive one. Customer service was prompt with information and returning phone calls and that was much appreciated. I would definitely recommend WP Diamonds to anyone looking to sell their diamonds. The price for my diamond ring was close to the upper estimate given to me via email, and I received my money quickly. Overall, I would rate the transaction as a 10 out of 10.”

Trudy sold an Oval shaped diamond set in an 18kt gold ring. The diamond weighed 1.10 cts, was J colored, and had VS2 clarity.

Julie- South Carolina

“Thank you so much for your assistance in the sale of my diamond. I received several offers and none came close to the value that WP Diamonds presented to me. The process was seamless and safe. I would recommend WP Diamonds to anyone in need of the same service.”

Julie sold a round brilliant diamond solitaire ring. The diamond weighed 3/4 of a carat, was G color, and had VS1 clarity.

Tara- Houston

“Everything was very easy and I thought the service was great. My package was sent safely, I was notified when it was received and was made a real offer within my quoted range quickly. Once I accepted the offer the money was transferred into my account quickly. A seamless process. I have already recommended the service to my friend a matter of fact as the price was fair and the initial quote was better than I saw from similar services”

Tara sold 3 diamond rings with a mix of color and clarities.

Ronald- Florida

“Hi Mark,

Just a final thank you for your professional, ethical, and customer oriented service. I just received the 5 carat diamond placed back in its setting, beautifully cleaned, and it is back on my wife’s finger!

I called you Monday morning, got my shipping label within 15 minutes, sent the diamond to you that afternoon, you received and called me with a quote on Tuesday afternoon, it was less than i needed due to me not realizing that the color was an M, not a K as i thought.  You said there was no problem, the stone and setting would be cleaned and the ring sent back for Thursday morning delivery.  

Bottom line is that, even though I could not get the dollars i needed, I now know what the stone is worth and you left me with a very good feeling about WP Diamonds.

I will happily refer anyone to your company, and will get beck to you if I really need the money for the diamond or send you a few other things if I decide to sell, including my blue faced Rolex Submariner that I bought new in 1995!”