WP Diamonds Affiliate Program

WP Diamonds’ affiliate program is growing, we are now working with more affiliates than ever. We work with both online and offline businesses with customers who may be looking to sell diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches or handbags.

Think you might be a good fit for our affiliate program?

To take part in our affiliate program, please email affiliates@wpdiamonds.com with information about your business. Please provide a link to your website or company for us to review and establish if this would be a good fit. We often partner with businesses related to divorce and raising additional monetary funds. We welcome new affiliates and look forward to creating a successful partnership.

What we offer

Cost Per Lead Programs

We will work with partners to pay a sustainable cost per lead for valid completed inquiry forms. Partners will receive prompt payment and reliable tracking.



WP Diamonds has a range of media sizes from conventional banners to skyscraper to MPU sizes which are available for you to serve from your own site and push the tracking variables through to us when a potential customer clicks on the media.



We are able to provide bespoke media if and when needed. We are also happy to provide bespoke diamond, jewelry, handbag or watch selling content.


Text Links

Links can be just as successful as media placements and can be commoditized in the same manner. We can provide advice on text content and selling techniques.

Please send all of your inquiries to affiliates@wpdiamonds.com and we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss our program.

Who we work with

We partner with a variety of affiliates both in the US and abroad. Our goal is to work with partners we believe we will add value to our affiliate program and whose customer base may be looking to sell their diamond jewelry, designer jewelry, loose diamonds, luxury watches or handbags.