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WP Diamonds was founded in 2012 with the belief that everyone should be able to sell their diamonds, luxury jewelry, watches and handbags quickly and safely online. We have since grown to have buyers and operations on three continents and have some of the best experts in the industry. Having worked with hundreds of thousands of customers, we’re proud to call ourselves the number one luxury buyer buyer. Find out more about WP Diamonds on our Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Whether you are selling loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, designer jewelry, designer bags or luxury watches, WP Diamonds is your one stop shop. Our service is fast, easy and free of charge. With no obligation to sell and no hidden fees or commissions, selling to WP Diamonds is hassle-free. We pride ourselves on our hundreds of customer reviews and A+ BBB rating.

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Our Story: WP Diamonds was created to help customers safely

sell diamonds, fine jewelry, luxury watches and handbags for the best prices

Our Belief: We firmly believe that the experience of selling

your valuable items should be comparable to

the experience you enjoyed when purchasing them

Our Goal: We value our customers

and work hard to provide a safe,

professional and reputable service

Our Team: Our expert authentication

and valuation team comprises GIA trained

gemologists and watch experts with

over 150 years of industry experience.

2012:  WP Diamonds was launched in New York City buying diamonds, diamond jewelry and engagement rings

2014: We expanded our services to buy designer jewelry and luxury watches

2017: WP Diamonds opens an office in Hong Kong

2020: WP Diamonds expands to buy luxury bags

2020: WP Diamonds opens an office in Tokyo

Today: 5 Locations Worldwide, Including the US, UK and Hong Kong

2.5 million people have looked to sell their items to WP Diamonds

Thousands of appointments booked and thousands of new customers every month

We have traded more than $100mm of diamonds, jewelry and watches

The best customer reviews in the industry

100% trust guarantee: reject our offer and trust us to return your items