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The Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags In The World

January 7, 2020 - Handbag Articles
Only a year or two ago, a countdown of the world’s 10 most expensive handbags would have led off with the likes of Judith Leiber’s Precious Rose minaudière ($92,000), which took the word “precious” literally by replacing the designer’s signature Swarovski crystals with 1,016 diamonds, 800 tourmalines, and 1,196 pink sapphires. Now a mere five-figure price tag no longer makes the cut. Read on, and discover which pricey purses comprise our current list of the 10 most expensive handbags in the world, as well as our advice on where and how to sell your own luxury handbag. Let the countdown commence!


What are the most expensive handbags in the world?

  1. Debbie Wingham’s Upcycled Egg Bag: $6.7 million
  2. Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse: $3.8 million
  3. Hermès Rose Gold Kelly Bag: $2 million
  4. Hermès Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka: $1.9 million
  5. Hermès Chain d’Ancre Bag: $1.4 million
  6. Hermès Himalaya Birkin Bag in Niloticus Crocodile : $500,000
  7. Chanel Diamond Forever Handbag: $261,000
  8. Lana Marks Charlize Theron Cleopatra Clutch: $250,000
  9. Hermès Birkin Bag in Shiny Red Porosus Crocodile: $203,150
  10. Hermès Birkin Bag in Fuchsia Crocodile: $223,000


1. Debbie Wingham’s Upcycled Egg Bag: $6.7 million

Topping our list as the most expensive handbag in the world is Debbie Wingham’s Upcycled Egg Bag at $6.7 million. Wingham, who practically owns the hashtag #worldsmostexpensive, has specialized in stunts like a $75 million cake and $15.1 million high heels. This time, she started with an emu egg, coated it with blue-diamond dust, then covered the results in a cobweb of 24K gold. But she didn’t stop there. One of the client’s cast-off Hermès scarves became the bag’s lining. A pair of the client’s $40,000 Cartier earrings became its clasp. And when that still wasn’t enough, Wingham glopped yet more diamonds, including three pink diamonds that cost $1.5 million apiece.


2. Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse: $3.8 million

From the Lebanese jeweler that brought you the multimillion-dollar bejeweled bras on the Victoria’s Secret runway, comes a heart-shaped minaudière made of 18K gold smothered in 4,517 diamonds. Mouawad, which has an entire section of its website devoted to world records, touted this as the world’s most expensive handbag when it debuted in 2010 and claims it took 8,800 man hours to create—which makes it practically a bargain.


3. Hermès Rose Gold Kelly Bag: $2 million

Pierre Hardy, the creative director responsible for Hermès jewelry, swears that this was meant to be a purse. Made of rose gold embossed to look like crocodile, this six-inch Kelly has a functioning flap, pull strap, handle, and padlock, with 1,160 diamonds totaling 33.94 carats. Because each bag takes approximately two years to make, Hermès announced that it planned to make only three—although it also offers three other styles, including the aforementioned Chain d’Ancre (see Number 5 on our list), a diamond-studded Nausicaa, and a 2,712-diamond Birkin in crocodile-embossed rose gold.


4. Hermès Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka: $1.9 million

Bearing no resemblance whatsoever to a regular Birkin—except for a surreal price tag—this bag was created by the Japanese jewelry retailer whose store has long been a landmark of Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district. Made entirely of platinum, the bag boasts 2,000 diamonds, including an eight-carat, pear-shaped stone placed approximately where the padlock of a normal Birkin would fall. And, for the woman determined to get her money’s worth, it’s practical too: the diamond strap detaches so it can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, and the corsage around the eight-carat diamond turns into a brooch.


5. Hermès Chain d’Ancre Bag: $1.4 million

More bracelet than bag, this sac-bijou from Pierre Hardy took the chain d’ancre motif that has long been an Hermès style signature, rendered it in white gold, then turned it into a glorious tangle of chains studded with 11,303 diamonds. (See Number 3 for more from the same design initiative.)


6. Hermès Himalaya Birkin Bag in Niloticus Crocodile : $500,000

Coveted by collectors—Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham both have one, as does celebrity spouse Marjorie Harvey>—the Himalaya Birkin uses hide from a species of freshwater crocodiles primarily found on the River Nile, which is then processed to evoke the subtle coloration of snow-capped Himalayan peaks meaning Hermès is able to produce only one or two Himalaya Birkins per year. The half-million, however, was paid by a pro sports bettor known as Vegas Dave, who bought a 35 centimeter Himalaya Birkin with 18K white-gold, diamond-studded hardware on the secondary market in 2019 and now carries his “money bag” everywhere, swearing he won’t part with it for a penny under $2 million.


7. Chanel Diamond Forever Handbag: $261,000

Based on the Classic Flap created in 1955, this bag has a chain made of white gold and a linked-C lock covered in 334 diamonds totaling 3.56 carats—although it skips the customary quilting since the body of the bag is made not of lambskin but of white crocodile. Produced in a limited edition of 13, the demand for this bag was so great that Chanel had to ration the worldwide supply, releasing only five to the United States.
how to get the best prices for luxury handbags

8. Lana Marks Charlize Theron Cleopatra Clutch: $250,000

While this Lana Marks line varies in price, the best-known Cleopatra bag remains the clutch that Charlize Theron carried on the red carpet the year she won her Academy Award. Made of alligator with a metallic finish, Theron’s bag had 18K white-gold hardware, 1,500 black and white diamonds, and was priced at a quarter of a million dollars. Other custom Cleopatras have been been clutched by Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Li Bingbing (whose version came personalized with her name written in pink diamonds and pink gold).


9. Hermès Birkin Bag in Fuchsia Crocodile: $223,000

Although this record wouldn’t last long either, a fuchsia Birkin became the most expensive handbag ever auctioned when it was sold in Hong Kong in 2015. Fitted with 18K white-gold, diamond-studded hardware, its attraction for collectors was, once again, the high-shine crocodile in a flashy, can’t-miss-me color.


10. Hermès Birkin Bag in Shiny Red Porosus Crocodile: $203,150

The record would not last long, but this 30-centimeter Birkin was the most expensive bag ever auctioned when the gavel came down at a Heritage Auction in Dallas in 2011. Made of prized Porosus hide, from a saltwater crocodile native to Australia and Southeast Asia, the bag was coveted by collectors because of the skin’s small, symmetrical scales, which Hermès accented with 18K white-gold hardware covered in diamonds.


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